Shearing time

We would like to share our angora goats shearing time with you. This is done twice a year ( in fall and spring ) because their fleeces grow really fast (about one inch per month).

The day before the shearer comes they are all confined in the barn so they stay dry. Then we try our best to remove all the hay and vegetation they have collected on their backs before they will be clipped.

First, the kids (baby goats) are sheared, then the yearlings then the adult does and last of all the bucks. We start with the youngest because they have the finest fibre.

Every animal is sheared in the same way: beginning with the belly, moving onto the legs, then the sides, over the head and finally the back.

After shearing they are really naked ( no more hair) but they feel so good (light and clean and without any hair in their eyes!!).

Usually, they fight because they have to know who will be the next boss of the gang.

sheared goats


This is how a freshly shorn fleece looks.

fleece shorn









After all the excitement of shearing the goats get back to enjoying themselves and growing their fleeces (for another six months) while we go on to the next step, skirting and sorting the fleeces.  We’ll be posting about what is involved in skirting fleeces soon.



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