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Now that Les Belles Bouclettes has a blog we thought it would be a good idea to use a post to address some of the subjects and questions that our customers raise on a regular bases.

Moisturizing Bath Products:

bathCandyTo state the obvious, bath products like our Bath Candies that contain oil will make your bath tub slippery. Almost any moisturizing product will have some oil in it. We all can use an added touch of indulgence and pampering on occasion. Winter and summer are both hard on skin. Coping with extreme temperatures outside, and dry heating or air conditioning systems inside means we need to take a little extra care, and a soak in a bath with some rich skin loving oils such as shea butter, avocado or almond oil can really make a difference. The downside to using such products is you will need to be careful in the tub. One handy tip is to keep a cloth beside the tub ready to wipe it down as soon as it is drained. If you have reasons for taking precautions then draining the tub and giving it a wipe Before you attempt to stand up or get out may be wise.

Adding Sparkle And Colour To A Bath!:


Many of our products like our bath Fizzies and Bath Candies have colorants and/or micas (sparkles) in them. These ingredients are fun and colourful, and completely safe for your skin and your bath tub.

bathFizzysmall2However, sometimes after a delicious soak filled with colour and fragrance you may have a slight residue of colour left in your tub. This is most likely to happen with hard well water, and/or products that have oil in them (again like our Bath Candies).


If all the colour doesn’t drain away with the bath water then a wipe and rinse while the tub is still damp will take care of the residue. If you didn’t have a chance to look after it right away don’t worry, a regular cleaning with any cleansing product will wash away leftover traces of colour.

Notes On Ingredients!:


While we do carry a line of soap scented with Essential Oils (and are happy to accept custom orders), there is a much higher demand for our products scented with fragrance oils. These scents are all high-quality formulations. We only use fragrances that are phthalate free, and none of our ingredients are petroleum based.

floral ovals goat's milk soaps


If you have truly sensitive skin (as many of our customers do) then you may want to consider our unscented soap for everyday use.

Gluten Free? Yes!:

scrubby suds1
I was recently asked if any of our ingredients include wheat or have a wheat base. The answer is No! There aren’t many formulations of the type of products we offer in which wheat based ingredients would be used, however, now that our attention has been drawn to this subject we will make sure that our product line continues to be safe for customers for whom this is a concern. If you are gluten intolerant you can shop with confidence at Les Belles Bouclettes!


For More Information!:

You will find the complete list of each products’ ingredients with the product’s description on Les Belles Bouclettes. In addition, every product also has a tag or label with a list of ingredients. However, they are written as required by Health Canada’s cosmetic regulations which means we have to use their correct INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names. If you ever have a question or wonder what an ingredient’s name is in simple English please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask for more info.

For additional information about our ingredients be sure to read our two previous posts where we discussed in detail the use of goat’s milk and the properties of the oils in our soaps.

Please Don’t Be Shy!:

Some of our best loved bath and body products were created to meet the need of a customer, or were added because someone mentioned how much they would like to have/use them. Our body care line is a living, growing and evolving part of Les Belles Bouclettes. Your feedback and suggestions help us to tailor our creations into the products you want, need and will enjoy. We are always happy to hear from you! Please tell us about your favourite product or fragrance, and let us know what you would like to see added to our product lines.

What Else Would You Like To Know!?
This is also the perfect page for any questions you may have about our products and ingredients. So please feel free to use the comments section below to ask anything you’ve been wondering about!

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