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gardenAfter the long winter, we are all excited to go out, to get our hands in the earth, to see our plants grow. So every month or so I’m going to share with our readers my family’s gardening activities ( nothing professional just a family garden).
For several years, I have started plants from seed, and transplanted them on warmer days into my garden. Unfortunately I was not able to do so this year. So I bought the plants “ready to go” and I was really sad because of the smaller choice of varieties compared to when I did it myself !!! But this is only a temporary solution for this year : at least I will have my garden. And I was lucky, being late in my planting, I was saved from the frost last week!!

Every year we begin by preparing the soil we will plant in.
First, we enriched our soil with our goats and llamas manure then we tilled to insure it was well blended into the earth. Obviously the weeds took over quickly, see how they’ve grown fast.

So we tilled a second time and there was a noticeable improvement.

garden just tilled

Then we were ready to start the actual planting.
Fanny helped me (she loves gardening) , and we planted tomatoes,


zucchinis and many cucumbers ( as my friend Grey Dove plans to use some to make soap later in the season) ,zucchinis_cucumbers


cerises de terre (ground cherries),ground_cherries


beans and pumpkins, and not forgetting Fanny’s small flowered area.


I also planted two rows of dry beans. These are heritage varieties that I really like( and I am always looking for new kinds). They are easy to plant and harvest and keep for future years. Moreover they are really healthy and look very nice.

This is a photo of beans named Orca ( they are also known as calypso or Yin Yang Beans). they are small round black and white beans with a unique design ( half white, half black).
orca bean

These are some beans named Magpie. They are thin and long half black and half white. magpie bean

These beans are known as jacob’s cattle and have a kidney shape, they are white with dark maroon splashesjacob_cattle bean

Then we have some little black bean

black bean

And some Nez-Percé ( named for the west coast native tribe nez perce ), these are small oval brown and gold beans

nez perce bean

then we have some Tigers’ eyes, a long oval orange /maroon bean ( like a tiger’s eye) tiger_eye bean

and finally from Kenya we have some Mrociumere, a long speckled purple bean kenya

We also have some berries ( raspberries, black and red currants). And there are our lovely pear and plum trees.berries


Meanwhile, Sophie, who loves flowers, took care of decorating the front of the house.
Sophie's Flowersdecorated flowers









So this is our garden today, in its first stage of planting/growing. We will give you updates during the season.


Please tell us about your gardens, favourite plants, and the seeds you like to grow. We are always interested in any topic that touches on gardening, and would especially like to hear about any heritage seeds you may use. We are also always on the look out for sources of heritage seeds, and chances to share information about them. So if you have a source please let us know where you get yours from!

And Happy gardening to all!