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The last few weeks have been hectic and we haven’t been able to devote the time we enjoy giving to From Goats To Soaps.  So we thought the solution for this post is to share with you a little about the items that have distracted us.
And as a gift to you our blog readers, if you’d like to try any of the items described in this post just type the coupon code FromTheBlog into the coupon field at checkout to get 15% off any and all of these new products.

It all began with, …
scrubby suds A concept that was born in late winter,  by the time gardening season began Scrubby Suds had a final formula and perfect packaging.  It went online in May.  It is a mixture of our goat’s milk soap (that has been finely ground) baking soda and poppy seeds.  This forms a terrific blend that literally scrubs while the soap suds.  It gets rid of earth (or oil, mechanics have told us it is great) but doesn’t dry your hands.  It would also work a treat on dead skin, try some on your feet to keep them silky soft and sandal ready! 
And perhaps best of all it comes to you in this fantastic plastic bottle.  You will keep your “soap” clean when you wash your muddy or greasy hands, and think of all the handy places this bottle can be left in, ready to use, unlike the best bar of soap!

Next We Made Our Fabulous Fizzy Cupcakes
 fizzy cupcake
 These bath goodies come with a warning that you cannot eat them, that is how good they look and Smell!  The cake base is made with our long fizzing formula, while the frosting is a solid bubble bath.  The solid bubble bath works with water agitation so while you want to be in the tub to enjoy the cake fizzing you should still have the tap running to get maximum bubbles from your frosting.  We’ve tinted the cakes pink, blue or yellow, and the frosting is often coloured too.  The ones we currently have in stock have creamy frosting but underneath it is a cake that will give your bath water a light pretty colour.
All together, every cake is Tons Of Tub Fun!

We kept the bubble theme going with, …
 bubble scoops
Here you have scoops of solid bubble bath.  As with the cupcake frosting you need water agitation to get your bubbles, but you’ll be thrilled with the foamy results of dropping a 1 ounce scoop (or more if you like) into a bath!

Sudsy Fun!
You can actually begin your soapy entertainment before you get in the tub, and even enjoy it in the shower. 
How you ask? 
With one of our new soap felting kits! 
felted soap kitYou can choose the fragrance of the luxurious goat’s milk soap in your kit, and the two colours of roving that most appeal to you.  Then by following the simple instructions in our Soap Felting Tutorial you  can have all the fun of felting your own soap. This is a great (and very clean) activity to do with kids, and summer is coming!  Once the soap is felted and dried you will have a long lasting bar of felted exfoliating soap to take into the tub with you!  

A Touch Of Satiny Elegance!
IMG_20150606_045651And for when you have bathed we now offer this exquisite way to end your bathing rituals, Silky Satin Dusting PowderPowder puffThis all natural powder is delicate and glides on like, well silky satin!  For Added luxury (and a nod to a by gone era) use our hand-made mohair puff to dust on your powder.  Made with our own mohair locks this thick fluffy puff has to be felt to be fully appreciated!

I have a few more products in the works, and Isabelle has just picked up the box of yarns and rovings from the fibre mill, so we’ll be telling you even more about our exciting new products soon!

We love hearing from our customers and readers so please let us know if there is something you’d like to see added to our line!  And if you felt a soap please share the photos of your creation!