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We all enjoyed Isabelle’s post about her garden so much, that when I came across this delightful blog entry I wanted to share it with all of you. It was only recently that I was lucky enough to discover Aimee’s blog, Aimee’s Victorian Armoire. We are excited to have found and connected with Aimee. And are very happy to be discussing plans with her to collaborate on some posts in the coming months. We feel confident that after meeting Aimee and reading her ideas on Creating An Old-Fashioned Garden you will be equally enthusiastic!

Aimee's Victorian Armoire

When you picture your perfect summer afternoon, what do you see?  For me, it is relaxing in the shade of a lovely park with perhaps a nearby pond with tiny fish darting about, robins bopping along looking for a snack, and of course the delicate aroma of flowers wafting in the warm smelling breeze.  Can a summer breeze smell warm?  Of course it can!

The warmth of summer brings with it a jolt of life which, if you look carefully, touches every living thing around us.  The crickets sing louder, the birds chirp livelier, and the children run faster and play harder (of course, the end of the school year could have something to do with that.)  Our bones respond to this new change, and crave the outside as we collectively meander into our gardens, both large and small, to pull out the old, and plant the new.

While I…

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