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Great news!! I received 2 big boxes from the fibre mill I sent my fleece to. They were filled with rovings and skeins of yarn!! I was so excited when I opened them, like a child with a big box of presents!!rovings

So, this week I will show our rovings to you, then next week we’ll post about our new yarn! All these new products will be up on Les Belles Bouclettes in the next couple of weeks, in time for Canada Day, so remember to check back for them. And we have surprises for our blog readers and customers planned for Canada Day (July 1st), … but we’ll be telling you more about that soon.

Each of our rovings has some wool added to its blend, . This is done for several reasons: if you spin the rovings into yarn then the wool will add memory which will help your fabulous creations keep their shape. The mohair gives the lustrous blend softness and strength. The two together compliment each other and have a delightfully soft touchable texture. Yarns spun using these rovings will have a delicate halo and will work well in a large variety of projects.

Also, some rovings are dyed and some not. Don’t forget that mohair lends itself especially well to dying, keeping its sheen while taking and holding dyes in clear vivid shades. Picture these rovings as hand-painted yarns, or other wonderful dying projects. Your imagination is the limit!!
Here they are, our new rovings!!

First, a gorgeous kid mohair roving :
We have 2 blends:

One is a 65% kid, 15% wool, 20% silk blend. True Luxury! It is a pure delight, with an exquisitely soft feel, … like touching a cloud, a heavenly texture. The silk adds even more lustre and strength to the mohair. It will be wonderful to spin! And dying, … can you imagine the vivid colours you will have dying these three fibres?! Since this is kid mohair, you will be able to spin yarn that can be used to make next-to-the- skin garments! A real treat!!

Second is a 75% kid mohair, 25% wool blend.

kidIt’s also exquisitely soft and springy to the touch, it feels wonderful! Yarns spun using this roving will have a delicate halo and will work well in a large variety of projects. Again since this is kid mohair, you will be able to spin it into yarn to use in next-to-the-skin garments!

And here we have some rovings from young adults:young_adult
The blend is 75% mohair – 25% wool : The final product is very soft, with a lovely sheen, and springy to the touch! This is a beautiful roving which can be spun for hats, mittens, sweaters or it can also be felted ( wet or needle felt) . Some are undyed and

young_adult_tealwe have some dyed in an incredible teal shade, a medium blue-green colour.

And finally we have some adult rovings. And here again some are dyed and some are not.adult
These rovings have a 60% mohair, 40% wool blend. It is also really soft and springy to the touch. Spinners will love the way it drafts easily. It will be perfect to spin yarn for hats, mittens, socks, sweaters and of course you can wet felt or needle felt it in different projects.

We have 4 dyed colours:
A delightful denim blue (your favourite jeans),adult_denim_blue
dark rich purple,adult_dark_purple
green ( grass green)adult_green
and a vivid lovely turquoise.adutl_turquoise2

We are really happy with the quality of these products and we hope you will enjoy playing with them in your projects!

The month of July will be my dyeing month. Some rovings will be dyed with some locks. ( The topic for a future post.) Are you looking for any specific colours for your projects? Drop me a line and we can see if we might be able to dye them for you.
Next week we’ll tell you all about our Exciting new yarn!!

Have any spinning or felting projects planned or on the go? We’d love to hear about them! Please tell us about them in the comments section below.