It is easy to forget that Nature has a voice. She speaks to us constantly, whether or not we are aware of her attempts to communicate or understand what She is saying to us. Some times She shouts in a way that we all must attend to, however, She usually speaks in a gentle murmur, politely requesting our attention. Sadly this soft voice is easy to ignore.

Recently Deb Hunt, the author of a wonderful blog Strawberries In The Desert, wrote a post on her own thoughts and observations when she tuned into Nature’s voice. She lives in Sidney Australia and when she wrote her post, her garden (her personal sliver of nature), was just settling into winter’s rest. Isabelle and I both enjoyed the piece she wrote (and beautiful photographs) very much, so we are pleased to be able to share it with you today.

Strawberries in the Desert

It’s winter here in Australia and I get the feeling my troublesome garden is trying to tell me something. The lime tree is losing its leaves, the climbing honeysuckle has fallen away from the wall, the plum tree – which has never produced anything edible unless you happen to be a fruit fly – has shot leggy branches well beyond the reach of my pruning shears – and the clematis appears to be heading next door. Now that its leaves have dropped I can see how fast, and how far, it has grown.

This garden is trying to tell me something and I’ve been far too busy to listen. If these plants could speak they would be clamouring for my attention, begging me to prepare them for spring. Winter doesn’t last long in Sydney; there are winter mornings when spring feels like it could arrive before lunchtime. The long respite…

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