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Recently my attention was caught by a team post from a new shop owner on Etsy. When curiosity prompted me to take a peak I discovered, ...

Sisturz Artisan Polishessisturz

A charming shop created and run by a Mother and Daughter, Td and Lily-Ann!sistuz : daughter and mom

We asked TD to share a little with you about their adventure into retail, from how the shop name was chosen to why nail polish is their product of choice!sisturz_nailpolishes
The name Sisturz links into some of Td’s longest held deepest beliefs. She says:
The name is about something I have taught my daughter since before she could stand. We are all family. Every thing on this planet is interrelated. What we do to one effects us all. We should celebrate the differences we all have, but embrace all people equally. Women are amazing and strong and valued… We are all of us Sisturz.

How Sisturz Artisan Polishes was born:
We are a WLU (whole life unschooling) family, so spend a lot of time binge learning and following current passions. At the end of last year Lily-Ann had mused about nail polish, postulating about how it is created, so we began digging. At the beginning of the year, after doing a fair bit of research, we ordered some supplies – planning to play with a little frankenpolishing. …supplies
(Note: frankenpolish is combining two or more existing nail polishes to create a new colour. Glitter and sparkles can also be added to these blends. Apparently the name originates from Frankenstein, the “monster” who was composed of many different parts.)mixing

… Well… it kind of snowballed. We loved playing with the glitters and micas and mixing and matching. We learned so much from those experiments, about solvents, suspension, absorption, and more. We love science, we love design, we love crafting and this was an amazing amalgamation of all of them. It wasn’t too long before we decided to commit a little more heavily, and started working on the first polish formulations that we would release as “Sisturz”.

Poisoned Apple:poisoned apple

Watch yourself, there’s wicked magic floating about here. Say the wrong thing and you may just find yourself biting into one of the Evil Queen’s Poisoned Apples. Just to be safe, don’t accept food from strangers – especially ones wearing cloaks and hanging out near the 7 Dwarfs cottage.
Poisoned Apple is absolutely dripping with fabulousness, truly! This polish is so chalk full of sparkle and glitter you’ll wonder how you ever left the house without it. Perfect for any occasion, make a statement with this rich red that brings to mind all the glory of Walt Disney’s masterpiece: Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. You’ll stop the show with this polish (so you may want to stay out of the theatre).

Learning about the ingredients in an average nail polish was an eye opener for Td and Lily-Ann.  A different type and quality of ingredients from your drug store nail polishes is one of the things that sets Sisturz polishes apart!polish test

We always try to keep things as safe and natural as possible. In certain things you can’t avoid some chemical compositions – but you CAN avoid carcinogens. And once you know better you strive to do better. Our research revealed some awfully scary information about commercially available nail polish… and subsequently our old collection became crafting supplies (commercial polishes are great for painting rocks). We make polishes that are 5-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are kid and pet friendly!

(Note: 5-Free refers to the five chemicals typically found in commercial polishes: Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.)

Fa La Sol it Goesfalasol

I’d like to introduce you to Fa La Sol it Goes, our most sweet and darling nail polish creation. Inspired by Marie of the Aristocats and like her, it will bring a smile to your face and make your heart happy. Everybody wants to be a cat, and while our polish won’t make you sprout ears or a tail, the adorable pink bows and opalescent shimmer of this polish will get you awfully close. So keep practicing those scales and arpeggios and soon you will be singing like our purrrfect little lady.

As you may have gathered, most of Sisturz polishes reference Disney movie themes in  both their names and the “stories” that describe them so delightfully.  Here is how Disney movies came to be woven into the creation and naming of these colourful nail lacquers.

For non-Disney fans (or Disney Dorks as we’re sometimes known) the attraction can’t really be understood. But when you get it, you just do. And it taps into that happy place inside you that still believes dreams come true. Disney just makes you feel good! And that’s something that a pretty polish can do too. Even on your crummiest day, there is just something about having pretty nails that makes you feel spoiled… like you’ve treated yourself to something extravagant – without breaking the bank. So to combine those two feelings was a no brainer for us. Both make us feel treated and special, and remind us how awesome things can be. A little pixie dust goes a long way.

Star Gazerstargazer

Star Gazer is a very special polish for us. While it is inspired by one of our favourite comic book movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, with such amazing characters like the incredible Gamora, it was also our very first creation. Named for both the movie and for my daughter (the stargazer is a type of Lily, and my daughter’s name is Lily-Ann), it is made up of her favourite colours. With an incredibly vivid and vibrant purple base it is filled with blue and pink shimmer and shines like the most amazing galaxies in the night sky. And like those amazing galaxies and heavenly bodies? You too deserve to shine and sparkle!

When I shared Sisturz Artisan Polishes with Isabelle she checked it out with her daughter Fanny and they were both interested in what they saw.  Fanny was smitten with the Peacock Princess polish and she soon had a present of glittery blue polish posting across country to her.peacock  princess

(“I’d like to introduce you to a very special princess, please welcome Princess Jasmine, who would have you know that she is not just a Peacock Princess. Not familiar with that particular song? You might want to grab Disney’s Enchanted Princess Tales DVD… or head on over to YouTube 😉

Jasmine wants to prove to the world that she can do more than you might think. She wants to make a difference in her kingdom, to change the idea that all a Princess can do is sit around and look pretty. And that’s a lesson worth learning. So show the world what you can do, get out there and make change happen – and do it with fabulous nails inspired by a great message.

The big day finally arrived when this product lovingly crafted by a mother and daughter was sampled by another mother and daughter.our hands

Isabelle freely confessed that the choice of colour was Fanny’s and had she been choosing for herself she likely would have selected a pink or red. That said, the polish is indeed rich in glitter and has a fabulous sparkle. Both agreed that it was easy to apply and went on beautifully. The micas and glitters used in making it can be felt on the nails. This is something Fanny likes about her polish, Isabelle prefers a smoother finish. While not having the staying power of some commercial polishes it stood up well to the challenges of an active girl on school holiday, and Isabelle’s hands on farm lifestyle. Both are pleased with it and think it is indeed a special treat. They also think it is a wonderful choice of polish for a special occasion!

A Talent For TinkeringtalentForTinkering

Say hello to your soon-to-be favourite nail polish! This fun, cheery, and spirited polish was inspired by Tinkerbell. Whether you think of her flying around with Peter Pan or playing with her sister Periwinkle in the snow, she has been charming us for generations. So grab a piece of the magic with this limited edition polish, and glitter and shine with delight every day.

Thank you for joining us, we hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Td and Lily-Ann!

Have any favourite tips or secrets about how to keep your nails looking their best? (Especially now in sandal wearing season?) We’d love to hear them!