Thanks to the interest shown in Isabelle’s garden, and the ground cherries (cerise de terre) in particular, we thought we’d share some extra information about this terrific plant with you all.

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Quick List Tutorial

1.  Start seeds inside 6-7 weeks before last frost date. germination time: two weeks – germination temperature 24-32C  (75-90F

2.  Grow in window with Southern exposure, in hot frame or under florescent lights

3.  Harden off and plant outside 2 weeks after last frost date

4.  Plant 12” (trellised)-24” (sprawling) apart in well drained soil, PH 6.0-6.5, full sun

5.  Do not harvest the fruit green from the plant.  Wait until the husk turns brown and falls from the plant. The fruit will be a yellow/green wait still longer.  The fruit will attain peak ripeness and be a deep yellow after being on the ground for a week or two.

6.  In the fall, cover the plants with a thick tarp or blanket if there is a threat of frost.  The plants will not survive the winter in the North.

7.  After your last harvest, store the…

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