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On a farm, everyday there is something new. This past spring we had 2 baby goats with special stories. Today, I will tell you about Coeur.  (Coeur means heart in French, and we think you’ll agree this little goat’s name suits her very well.)coeur_0a



In April one of the does had twin kids, a male and female. The mother didn’t want the female kid at all. She even hurt her with her horns. We did our best to change the mother’s mind.  We tried holding the mum to let the little one drink but it didn’t work. As soon as we would leave the pen the mother would chase and but her.

The first few days after a baby is born the mother produces a very important liquid called colostrum.  This liquid has anti-bodies and makes a real difference in how healthy a baby is and how it develops in those first important months.  The number of days before the mother begins producing milk is different for different mammals , with goats the doe feeds her kids colostrum for two days, then her milk begins to flow.  So you can see it was important Coeur had those first few feeds.  When coeur_1 drinking milkCoeur’s mother would not feed her we took Coeur away, then milked her mom so Coeur could have her colostrum.

We put Coeur in another pen, where we already had some kids who soon became her brothers and sisters.
coeur_4b coeur_4
They slept together, even at night, when usually babies and moms are together, she was never alone, she always had a friend beside her.coeur_5a




The same day Coeur began life in the pen, a doe lost her kid while giving birth.
So, we could start to milk this goat and give Coeur her milk.coeur_2 drinking milk2

At the beginning it was 5 times a day, then when she was around three  and a half months old we could feed her twice a day.  ( We used a beer bottle, she didn’t mind. ). Now, she is a big baby girl ( 5 months old ) ,coeur_8 she just has half a  bottle per day ( her cherry on a sundae ) and she will be completely weaned in a few days.
This is a healthy and happy little goat, always talking to us.coeur7
coeur_5bEach day, she has a hug as she doesn’t have a mom talking or calling to her.  In a special way she really belongs to her herd. She thinks she is also Fanny’s goat!!coeur_3 reading book with Fanny and Maiko