Farm Stories: Organic Fields of Mint


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Mint!  It is a  popular fragrance, we find it in a variety of products and while a lot of people are familiar with its fresh scent, it has many different associations.  I prefer peppermint to spearmint fresh and dried.  I like adding it to tub teas, dream pillows and potpourri.  (A  note, Kitchen Potpourri is something we are about to add to our product line, … but I digress.)  I love a cup of hot peppermint tea, simply brewed with the leaves of the plant and boiling water.  I know many people treasure the cooling sensation mints, especially their essential oils can give to foot care  products.  Since I forever suffer with frozen feet the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do is apply a cooling product to them, but I can appreciate how delicious it might feel to those who need it.  Peppermint essential oil has a multitude of uses, my favourite is in Christmas candy, … peppermint flavouring doesn’t come close!  But while we brew are teas, massage our aching feet, take a bite out of a candy treat or close our eyes and breathe in the relaxing scent as we drift to sleep  , most of us do not pause to consider how and where the plants that provide us with this fantastic scent and flavour were grown.  What does it take to raise peppermint commercially.  I was fascinated when the article we are sharing with you tumbled into my in-box a few weeks ago.  After I shared it with Isabelle she had the same reaction as I did, wouldn’t you love to be there, inhaling that fabulous aroma, experiencing fields of peppermint?  I doubt this comes close to standing on that hillside, but we hope you enjoy this vicarious, minty experience as much as we did!

Farm Stories: Organic Fields of Mint

Farm Stories: Organic Fields of Mint

Standing in an ocean of mint with wind rippling through the leaves feels like being in a dream world.  Bright aromas from the organic peppermint (Mentha piperita) and spearmint (Mentha spicata) fields are as intense as the summer heat. With nary a weed in sight, this farm is truly impressive. Organic farming usually entails weeds, but not with a second year mint crop that has been meticulously hand weeded.  As our pickup crests a hill, the freshly cut windrows that have been laid to dry in the sun come into view. A commotion of soil rises farther in the distance as combine tractors steadily lift the dry row up into the machine where leaf is separated from stem. This is the most mechanically advanced farm equipment in existence, with a price tag larger than most people’s homes, so they better perform well. A breakdown could cost the farmer precious time that can never be bought back. […]

2 thoughts on “Farm Stories: Organic Fields of Mint”

  1. And did you know peppermint oil helps you to concentrate? They did a study (sorry, I can’t remember where) to show that when peppermint was introduced to an office air-conditioning unit there were fewer typing mistakes. A very good oil to keep in the car if you’re on a long journey.


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