Aimee's Victorian Armoire

Having enjoyed sampling all of the wonderful products from Les Belles Bouclettes last month, I was very interested in learning more about the farm and the sweet animals that live there.  Therefore, Isabelle (of From Goats to Soaps) has graciously taken the time to invite us into her family farm!

I hope you enjoy this little field trip to Canada!  Make sure to check out the heartwarming stories of little Coeur and Cashmere below!

What led to the start of Ferme Bonne Mine and Les Belles Bouclettes?

In October 2001, my husband Jacques and I, (Isabelle) left France with our 3 children (Dominique, Denis and Sophie) to come to Canada. First, we lived in a city. But we always dreamed of space and nature. We were looking for a home with lots of space, especially after the birth of our 4th child Fanny. In 2006 we found this old dairy farm…

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