Introducing, … Nataliya!!! Knitwear Designer!

Nataliya (aka Tysya on Ravelry) lives with her family in the state of New York. Although she has knitted, crocheted and crafted for many years it is only fairly recently that she began editing and publishing her beautiful creative designs! You can find her pattern shop at: In addition to selling her designs through Ravelry (a knit and crochet online community), she is also a volunteer editor and frequently test knits patterns for other designers.

scarf_close_frontNataliya has designed a pattern in Swan’s Down, Belles Bouclettes’ super brushed mohair yarn. scarf_front_fullThe pattern is for a luxurious, exceptionally long, wide scarf called Winter Plumage. Anyone so lucky as to wear this scarf will be wrapped in wonderful warmth while they get to flaunt their lusciously soft fine feathers!s1

The pattern has reached the stage where Nataliya is looking for test knitters to double-check the instructions and review the pattern for her. A test knitter would purchase the Swan’s Down yarn at a discount from Les Belles Bouclettes, and receive an advance copy of the pattern. They are expected to finish the garment in a timely fashion and provide feedback on how the pattern is written. There is still one spot left so if you are interested in being a test knitter for Winter Plumage then please visit the Ravelry page Nataliya set up at:
Or send us an Email via les Belles Bouclettes’ Contact Us page.side_closeup

We asked Nataliya a few questions so you could all get to know a bit more about her and what inspires her designs!

What first drew you to knitting and when did you learn to knit?

I was taught to knit by my grandmother when I was 7 years old. Back in Soviet Ukraine, it was a very useful skill to have, so I started with making garments for my dolls and then when I was a teenager, I was making clothes for myself and sometimes even other family members.

How did you progress to designing your own patterns?

When I was growing up, there were no patterns that I could use, so I had to make them up based on the ideas in my head.
Which fibres do you prefer to work with and why?

I prefer to work with natural fibers, the only exception would be over 50% wool because it is scratchy.

Are there specific types of garments and/or stitches you enjoy working more?

I knitted a lot of kid’s sweaters earlier but it was breaking my heart to see how a really good yarn and hours of my work were being ruined or lost in days, so I am taking a break from them now. I will still make hats and socks for my boys though 🙂

I have knitted many sweaters for my husband and my mom, so my immediate family is kept warm and cozy through the winter.

I enjoy making sweaters and it seems that I am incapable of keeping it plain stockinette, I always add something extra to keep it interesting. I do love to add cables to a heavier weight yarn and lace to the lightweight ones.

Here are some specific examples:

pull from Mani di Fata magazineMy love for cables 🙂 This pull was from Mani di Fata magazine.


Vogue Knitting magazineMore love for bigger cables 🙂 The brown pull was published in Vogue Knitting magazine and the blue one is one of Justyna Lorkowska’s designs. Justyna Lorkowska's designsI have been testing Justyna’s designs for 4 years now so you will find a lot of her designs in my project list. (On Ravelry)

on the cover of a magazineJust saw a picture on the cover of a magazine, that was all I needed. The front and back are identical but I didn’t have a full picture of the front that I liked.

One of my designsOne of my designs, that popped into my head one day when I was going through my stash and saw some ribbon yarn that I had. The top was a reality in 6 days 🙂

my love for laceHere is my love for lace in lighter weight yarns (fingering). This pull was inspired by a similar pull I saw in the store made out of acrylic yarn.

rowanAnother abundance of lace in a lace weight yarn, this design was published in one of Rowan’s books.

abundance of laceHere is another abundance of lace, but this construction was driving me crazy as the whole shrug consists of many triangles that are put together. Putting it together was the trickiest part.

What inspires your pattern designs?

A lot of things. It could be a sweater in a store or it could be a painting or an object.

Is there a particular part of the process that appeals to you or do you enjoy it all from project conception to lifting the blocked item up and trying it on (when possible)?

I enjoy most of it. The only thing I don’t like is sewing it together, so I try to make my designs seamless.

Do you have favourite tools (a specific knitting needle brand for example) that you prefer to work with?

I do prefer circular needles at any time over straight ones.

Do you make other crafts?

Yes. Some examples are:

embroideryHere is a demonstration of my ability to embroider, I had never embroidered before but when I saw this design in Mani di Fata (Italian knitting magazine), I had to have this sweater!

Cross-stitch: wall hangings, blouses, pillows

Crochet: dollies, tops and skirts

windowmacrame: wall hangings, curtains

sewing: I completed a 3 year course in sewing so I can sew pretty much anything, but I don’t 🙂 All I do is hem alterations now.

What do you do when you aren’t designing gorgeous patterns?

Take care of and spend time with my family.

We feel sure you now agree we discovered a very impressive lady! We are fortunate to have found each other and needless to say thrilled that Nataliya is now a fan of Swan’s Down yarn.

scarf_way3Once the Winter Plumage Scarf has been test knitted it will be edited and published. It will then be available as a digital download from Nataliya’s Ravelry page, or as a printed pattern from Les Belles Bouclettes. Belles Bouclettes will also be offering kits for Winter Plumage, and ready-to-wear scarves will be for sale. If one isn’t in stock you are welcome to place a custom order. We expect to have the pattern and kits stocked in the online boutique before Christmas. What a treat to make and wear it as a New Year project!scarf_side4

Next week it will be our pleasure to introduce you to Beth, aka The Crochet Gypsy!

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