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As promised a few weeks ago, I have a story to tell you about my little goat Cashmere (Coeur’s best friend). So here it is :



Cashmere was born about the same date as Coeur. Her face was so cute, like she was smiling.
A little while after she was born we saw she wasn’t standing up. (Most kids will attempt to get to their feet shortly after being born and will succeed in standing after a very short time.)

Cashmere and Douce

Cashmere and Douce

I took her in my arms and then I saw her 2 front legs were deformed. She was not able to walk. She was lucky and had a good mother. Her mom, Douce, was our most patient doe. (And Douce means soft or gentle, … perfect for this special doe!)
We put them alone in a small pen. Then we helped the baby to nurse.
A few hours later, she was able to crawl on her knees and to nurse on her own.
Most does move away after nursing for a few minutes but not Cashmere’s Mother.
She waited until the baby had drunk all the milk she wanted.cashmere_legs
A few days later, I saw Cashmere trying to walk in the pen with her 2 twisted legs;
then again a few days after, she was running in the pen, and jumping on the back of her mom. It was so wonderful to see! So, we moved them into a bigger pen with other does and kids.cashmere3_legs
Cashmere played with the other babies and of course was exhausted after that but it was good for her to be with other kids.

One nice thing we saw was how the other moms treated her. Usually the does don’t like other kids around them and will give them a head butt, but we never saw any doe give Cashmere a head butt, it was as if they knew she had a problem and they had to be careful with her.

Cashmere and Douce eating grains

Cashmere and Douce eating grains

A few weeks later everybody is in the pasture and she is running and jumping on her mom or the guardian llamas just like the other kids. Now, her 2 legs are almost straight. One of them is a little angled (she is like a ballerina in second position), what an amazing change in a few months.cashmere5_now

Special Cashmere !!Cashmere and Douce