Introducing: … Dana Gervais! Knitwear Designer!!!

This week we would like you all to meet Dana Gervais, the Ontario based knitwear designer who most recently discovered Les Belles Bouclettes! Among other garments she enjoys designing attractive, creatively constructed socks. So we were delighted to send her a skein of our Prairie Crocus (mohair/wool/nylon blend) yarn for her to use in her creation. Named after Manitoba’s provincial flower, this yarn is petal soft to the touch, but strong and resilient! It makes the perfect yarn for cosy hardwearing socks, and reminded Isabelle of a flower that though tiny,and delicate in appearance, presses up through frozen soil to bloom while winter’s snow still lies on the ground. To do that (especially in Manitoba) it has to be one hardy Crocus!

Dana only got her skein of yarn a month ago so hers will be the last pattern to be released.

sock design

sock design

As you can see she has already gotten to work and is designing a sock that truly lets this yarn shine. We can’t wait to cast-on, then pull on a pair of these. We expect they will be ready to wear before the crocuses begin to bloom!

If you want to checkout more of Dana’s fantastic designs, or stay up to date with what she is doing then please click on any of the links below:



solar vortex

What first drew you to knitting and when did you learn to

My paternal Grandmother was a fabulous knitter. She taught me to knit dishcloths when I was very young and then how to knit socks when I was a teenager. She has always been my knitting inspiration.IMG_5643

How did you progress to designing your own patterns?

Designing was an evolution. First I would knit patterns designed by other people, then I would make changes to those patterns to adapt them to what I wanted until finally I just began sketching, swatching and writing my own designs

Which fibres do you prefer to work with and why?

I enjoy a wide variety of fibres. I have worked with animal, plant and man-made fibres. In my opinion, there is a time and purpose for every fibre.

lazy daisy pattern

lazy daisy pattern

Are there specific types of garments and/or stitches you enjoy working more?

Socks are my favourite project. I knit every type of garment and almost all accessories, but there is always at least one pair of socks on my needles.

Heart and sole

Heart and sole

What inspires your pattern designs?

Inspiration can come from anywhere; a colour, a geometric pattern, a texture – I have no problem finding inspiration, I have a problem turning them all into finished designs – I have more ideas than time.

Is there a particular part of the process that appeals to you or do you enjoy it all from project conception to lifting the blocked item up and trying it on (when possible)?

I try to embrace the entire process. Swatching use to be my least favourite activity, but lately I have enjoyed swatching and have come up with a lot of great ideas through swatching, so I am trying to ride that wave and have been swatching a lot.

happy feet hero

happy feet hero

Do you have favourite tools (specific knitting needle brand for example) that you prefer to work with?

I prefer to knit socks cuff-down on DPNs – though all of my patterns are needle neutral so method is irrelevant. For about the past year I have knit socks exclusively on Knitter’s Pride Karbonz DPNs. They have become my go-to needle.

Do you make other crafts?

I am not bi-craftual, knitting is pretty much my only craft, though last week I made a few sets of stitch markers and I am happy with how they turned out.



What do you do when you aren’t designing gorgeous patterns?

When I am not designing my own patterns, I am knitting other designers’ patterns. I also have a husband, two kids, two dogs, a cat and don’t seem to have very much extra time on my hands. I try to blog regularly at


We are thrilled that Dana made time to design with Les Belles Bouclettes yarn! Of course we’ll keep you posted on the progress of her pattern. Once it is published it will be for sale on her Ravelry page and available on its own or as part of a kit through Les Belles Bouclettes .

Next thursday it will be our pleasure to introduce you to Michelle Meyer, the fourth designer who is currently working with Les Belles Bouclettes!


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