Introducing: … Michelle Meyer! Knitwear Designer!!!

Hat 1

Hat – Mitchell Park

Today we would like you to meet the fourth designer who is currently working with a yarn from Les Belles Bouclettes.

Michelle Meyer (akmmom on Ravelry) contacted us in August with some lovely ideas! Shortly there after she received two skeins of Amelia (a mohair/wool 60/40 blend) yarn and began creating a gorgeous set of accessories.20150914_091933

Her pattern trio will include a cowl (short and long loop versions), hat and fingerless mitts. She recently selected a name for the set and individual patterns, I am going to let her tell you about them.20151003_135114

“The 3 piece collection will be called “Sunday Memories”
Hat – Mitchell Park
Cowl – Irma
Fingerless Mitts – Wayside

While I have been knitting and designing with this wonderful fiber, it keeps bringing me back to memories of learning how to knit with my adopted Grandma Krause. Her name was Irma and she was a sweet old woman that my parents would pick up every Sunday morning along with her husband because they didn’t drive. Designing this collection has brought back so many sweet memories.

I am really looking forward to casting on Michelle’s beautiful set!20151003_135039

To checkout more of Michelle’s patterns, and stay up to date with her crafting activities, please visit:
Ravelry: michelle meyer designer profile
Facebook: Timeless Knits Design Facebook
Instagram: Timeless Knits instagram
Craftsy: Timeless Knits craftsyHat - Mitchell Park

What first drew you to knitting and when did you learn to knit?

I learned to knit as a young child, taught by my “adopted” Grandmother. Grandma Krause was a family friend from church. Every Sunday we would pick her and Grandpa Krause up take them to church, go out get brunch after, and then back to her house. Every fall she would make us hand knit mittens with strings on so we wouldn’t lose them. When I was about 8 years old she taught me the basics. However I didn’t stick with it. I then began sewing, and that took forefront in my crafting life. That was something that I was able to do at home. When my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia, she decided that she needed something to do. Her and I took a quilting class, and quilting then consumed my life and hers. Eight years ago

Quilt Michelle made

Quilt Michelle made

when she passed away, it was so hard for me to sit behind my sewing machine, that is when I decided that I needed something else to do. Knitting filled that void, not only because it was so portable, but because it was something that I could do while sitting in the family room with my husband and children at night. I picked up some straight bamboo needles, cotton yarn and a friend taught me how to cast on. It seemed like at that moment everything that I was taught when I was 8 just came right back to me. I made a quick square, and from there never looked back.

How did you progress to designing your own patterns?

After a few years of knitting and giving everything away to family and friends, designing seemed to be a natural progression. I have always looked at things, and said to myself, “I can make that”. When I was sewing and quilting I often did without patterns, so when I began knitting I did follow patterns, and always ended up putting my own tweak on things. In the world of Ravelry I connected with my middle school teacher, and through her connected with a great knitting friend and fellow designer Sara Gresbach. I began test knitting her wonderful designs, while picking her brain on self publishing designs on my own. One thing let to another and I designed my first pattern a cowl, Megara.



I have now self published 9 designs on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Love of Knitting. I have a group on Ravelry called Timeless Knits where I post testing calls for upcoming designs and KALs. (KAL stands for Knit Alongs)

winding river

Winding River

Which fibers do you prefer to work with and why?

Well I am a bit of a yarn snob, and that happened pretty quickly in my knitting journey, partly because I am a bit of a fabric snob also. I feel like I spend hours and hours creating and designing what I love, I want it to last. I love natural fibers, wool, alpaca, silk, and mohair. The feeling of good quality fiber running through your fingers, is the most relaxing thing ever, it calms my nerves after a stressful hectic day, and produces the most amazing accessories, and garments.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Are there specific types of garments and/or stitches you enjoy working more?

I love lace and textures. Taking a skein of yarn and turning it into a 3-D object is so rewarding. I have designed accessories so far, and have begun to touch my toes into garments.



My personal goal for 2015 was to design a sweater, I have done all of the “homework and will hopefully self publish it in 2016. It will include both lace and texture.

What inspires your pattern designs?

This is a hard one, inspiration comes from all sorts. Sometimes it comes from my love of the outdoors, other times from feelings and experiences that I have gone through, and more times than not the yarn tells me what it wants to be.



Sometimes I sketch what I want, get it on the needles, and it transforms into something totally different. I love letting the fiber decide what it wants to be, often those are the most loved designs.

Is there a particular part of the process that appeals to you or do you enjoy it all from project conception to lifting the blocked item up and trying it on (when possible)?



For me it is the entire process. With that there are ups and downs, but when the finished project is lifted off of my blocking table, that is when it is all worth it. When I wear the items, get reactions it gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I am also grateful to have a supportive family and friends, that always keep encouraging me.

Do you have favorite tools (a specific knitting needle brand for example) that you prefer to work with)?

A few years ago, I purchased a set of Addie Lace click interchangeable needles. I have not knitted with any other needles since. I love how these needles react to all the fibers I knit with. Having the interchangeable needles is so convenient. If I

Junniper Berries

Junniper Berries

have a quick swatch that I need to do, and am using that size of needles, I simply take them off the cable, use them, and then put them back on the cables, no need to take the project off and put on scrap yarn. I don’t know what I would do without that set, except that I need another set…LOL!

Any amusing anecdotes associated with you learning to knit or design that you would like to share?

Most recently I had an injury that has affected my knitting. We have 2 dogs, one Yellow Lab,



and the other is a Black Lab.



Both of them LOVE to be outside. I had just left the Meter maintenance into the backyard and went to go back inside, I wanted to keep the dogs inside. I was holding the yellow lab back and the black lab was trying to sneak out. My husband grabbed the yellow lab, but unfortunately my pinky finger was tangled into her collar and went with her. The injury has slowed and halted my knitting. It is actually driving my family crazy that I can’t knit. I guess I am a better person when I am doing what I love. I am healing slowly but surely, and have adapted my knitting style a bit. I am a continental knitter, and hold my yarn under my pinky finger, which is the one injured. I tried teaching myself to be an English style knitter and throwing the yarn instead of picking. That style, just isn’t for me.I did learn to throw the yarn, but unfortunately it was across the room in frustration. I have adapted well, and just learned to knit slower and take more breaks.

Do you make other crafts?



I have crafted all of my life. My husband remarks often how the corner of our basement is like an old tree. You can count the “rings” and know what stage in life I was in at the time. I have sewn most of my life, and even sewed my wedding dress, and all bridesmaids dresses. As you can see crafting and being creative is one important thing in my life.

What do you do when you aren’t designing gorgeous patterns?

I work full-time as a Billing Specialist. I do referrals, and insurance follow up for Pain Management and Anesthesia Doctors in the state of Wisconsin. After work I enjoy spending time with my family,




walking local hiking trails, and riding my motorcycle.

Michelle with her motorcycle

Michelle with her motorcycle

When picking out my motorcycle this last spring I had to make sure it had saddle bags to hold my knitting!

We feel extremely lucky to have met and be working with four such talented designers. We are really looking forward to bringing out these first in the Les Belles Bouclettes pattern line, and will keep you informed as patterns, kits and ready-made garments become available for sale.

If you are interested in test knitting some of these patterns, or in designing using patterns with Les Belles Bouclettes’ yarns (or know someone you think might be) please feel free to contact us through the Les Belles Bouclettes website, or either of our Ravelry profiles: BellesBouclettes or GreyDovesKnits!


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