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As promised last week, I will share with you how I make my fresh goat cheese even if I am far from being a guru. I try to have fun and each time, I improve the recipe by adding different spices in the final stage.

Here are the ingredients :
4l of milk ( no older than 5 days)
cheese culture :
choozit MA4001/4002 1/4 tsp This is a blend of mesophilic cultures and a thermophilic culture that aids in the ripening process. It is commonly referred to as ‘Farmstead Culture’.
Rennet : 2 drops

The process is very similar to making brie

Stage one:
  • Heat the milk until it reaches 20-24 degrees C.
  • Remove the milk from the heat and Sprinkle the cheese culture MA4001/4002 over the milk.
  • Let it rest 2-4 minutes
  • Stir gently about 20 times, the way you would fold an ingredient into a meringue
  • Add the Rennet
  • Stir gently about 10 times in approx. 4 minutes.
  • Then it needs to rest for at least 1 hourDuring this time the mixture will firm. It has rested long enough when you can cut it with a knife.
    Now cut the curds in little squares. More liquid (called whey) will appear as you cut.Stage two: Dry out the cheese
    Now that the curds are firm, you want to let the cheese dry. Your first step, the curds need to evacuate all the whey they contain.
    This time I put the curds in a cheesecloth and put a bowl under them so the whey could drain easily. cheesecloth
    After a few hours, I put the cheese in the fridge. I leave it there at least 24 hours. The cheese should look dry before you begin working on it.

    Stage three:  Finishing the cheese
    When it is dry enough, I take it out of the cheesecloth.fullshape
    This one is too big to work with in one piece so  I cut it into 4 pieces. 4 pieces
    I put coarse salt on each side to give it flavour.
    Then I tried different things :
    Two are plain fresh cheese plain
    Another one is wrapped with black pepper
    Another one was rolled in thymeherbs_pepper
    Then I tried to make some balls too :
    Some where rolled in a blend of olive oiloliveoil

and different flavours: thym, pepper, paprika and curryolive_oil_balls
And in the last batch I used the same spices without the olive oil.
I have to say that serving small balls of fresh goats cheese is a really good idea : people can taste each of them in a small quantity! Next time, I will make them smaller. A bite will equal a cheese.

In my next post I will tell you about making ricotta cheese.