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Sunday Memories

vest_back ball_1 pinecone

The patterns we’ve all been eagerly anticipating!!!







In the beginning of November we gave you a sample of things to come with the release of our first pattern, Winter Plumage Scarf, a design by Nataliya. Today we are delighted to be sharing with you all the patterns we described when we introduced our fabulous designers to you, plus some new treats already available, and peaks at what will be coming up next!


entwined2entwined1Twisted is the first in our line of sock patterns! A Dana Gervais design the wonderful pattern was created specifically to showcase Prairie Crocus, Les Belles Bouclettes fingering weight sock yarn that includes 20% nylon in its mohair/wool blend. We’ll let the designer tell you more about her attractive and comfortable sock pattern:
Twisted features a simple cable design down the front of the leg and foot of each sock. The cable is set against a reverse stockinette background and the rest of the sock utilizes ribbing to ensure a comfortable fit that does not cause the cable pattern to be pulled or stretched out of shape when worn. Twisted features a heel flap and gusset with traditional French heel and a wedge toe that is Kitchener stitched at the end. The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit it with your needle of choice in your preferred style. Written instructions are provided, and the pattern is easily reversible for knitters who prefer to knit socks toe-up. Instructions are included for narrow, medium and wide widths. Foot length is customizable.Entwined3

Don’t all you sock lovers long to cast-on?! I’m looking forward to doing so at the earliest opportunity!

Supplies of Prairie Crocus have been going fast (it was a favourite all this holiday season) so if you want one you’ll need to shop quickly! (Not only a great way to treat yourself but one of our Twisted Kits would be a terrific gift to slip under the tree of your favourite sock knitter!!) The pattern is available for sale separately, or choose a one skein kit kit_sock_twistedthat includes a copy of Twisted Sock Pattern with a skein of Prairie Crocus and (while supplies last) comes to you in one of these exceptional hand-embroidered one-of-a-kind bags.IMG_20151215_155416 These bags are the perfect size to tuck your project in as it progresses, as well as being beauties in their own right! If that weren’t enough they were made to support, and every time you buy one you will be helping to fund the Madagascar School Project! To learn more about this organization and its worthy cause (one we hope to be telling you about in detail early in the New Year) please visit: www.madagascarschoolproject.com.


canary_cowlOur next exciting pattern is Beth Major’s glorious Canary Infinity Cowl! Beth put a marvellous amount of thought and care into this crochet pattern, and we cannot do better than to let her describe it to you in her own beautifully chosen words!

Surround yourself in cozy warmth with this beautiful accessory made from the exquisitely soft and unique mohair-wool yarn blend “Amelia” from Les Belles Bouclettes. This natural undyed sport weight yarn was named after the
iconic Amelia Earhart. Created to evoke vintage-like nostalgia,
this delicate looking infinity cowl was designed to be reminiscent of feathers in honour of Ms. Earhart’s first airplane, ‘The Canary’.

IMG_20151115_102822_medium2Unfortunately we have to tell you that we are almost sold out of Amelia yarn. (Don’t worry, more will be arriving during the winter!) The good news is that Isadora is an excellent substitute and while it is slightly finer, (so you will want to check your gauge) you should be able to enjoy making a lovely version of Beth’s pattern. Isadora will soon be available in several glowing colours. You will be able to choose to buy either Isadora or the Canary Infinity Cowl pattern separately, or in a kit.IMG_20151215_172559

(Pattern Note: When you buy one of Beth Major’s, Michelle Meyer’s or Nataliya’s patterns from Les Belles Bouclettes you will receive both a printed copy of the pattern slipped into its own sheet protector, and a coupon code that will allow you to download a complimentary PDF file version of the pattern into your Ravelry library! Thank you ladies for this generous addition to our customers’ shopping experience!)

Michelle Meyer impressively worked through the pain of a broken finger, and in the last few weeks juggled pattern revisions and final editing with work and hours spent volunteering for a heart-warming project, Operation Scarf! Thanks to Operation Scarf hundreds of hats, scarves, mitts and gloves have been donated, collected, and distributed throughout the Milwaukee area. Michelle says donations and support have wildly exceeded expectation, and interest in the concept and project is spreading. They have set up a facebook page and if you could help by telling other people about it the organizers including our talented designer would greatly appreciate the shares and likes!: Operation Scarf Facebook Page.

Sunday Memories

Sunday Memories

However, to return to the delightful set Michelle designed for us! Named Sunday Memories, every item in her collection is attractive, simple and quite quick to knit, and creates a practical garment with appealing design features. She also used the Les Belles Bouclettes yarn Amelia so the same notes about substituting Isadora for Amelia apply here as in Beth’s Canary Infinity Cowl pattern above.

Michelle describes the inspiration for the three patterns included in her set in this way:

mitchell park hat
Mitchell Park Hat: “While growing up we had a special couple that we adopted as
our grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Krause meant a lot to my brother and me. Our family used to pick them up every Sunday and take them to church with us.
SM 1Three times a year we would visit the beautiful Mitchell Park Conservatory – aka The Domes – in Milwaukee, WI. The Domes are known as Milwaukee’s “living
landmark”, where you can experience a desert oasis, a tropical jungle, and a seasonal flower garden. My favorite of the three is the seasonal dome. As a
child I loved to spend most of my time there. Grandma Krause would at times let the rest of the family go explore the other domes while she and I would soak in all
we could in our favorite dome. Sometimes she would sit and knit while I strolled around close by, or I would sit next to her, watching her needles intently. Just as The Domes add cultural texture to Milwaukee, they provide the inspiration for this textured hat.

irma cowl2

Irma Cowl: My adopted Grandma Irma was a special part of my childhood, and it was she who taught me to knit when I was just 8 years old. Though at the time I didn’t continue to knit on a steady basis, when I tried to “learn” again as an adult, it seemed SM 2as if I had never put the needles down. It was as if Grandma Irma was right next to me helping me with every stitch. When I was young she would knit us scarves and mittens every year. Her scarves were basic garter stitch – nothing fancy but always great to keep us warm in cold Wisconsin winters. This cowl
reminds me of the one she used to tuck under her fur coat on Sundays when we picked her and Grandpa Krause up for church.”

sunday tea1

Sunday Tea Mittens:Sunday Tea is a pair of fingerless mitts that remind me of special times with my adopted grandma. Occasionally on Sunday afternoons after SM8church, she and I would sit at her dining room table, she would bring out her delicate tea set, and we would put on little white gloves and partake in a cup of tea and her homemade shortbread cookies.

We know the garments that Michelle designed with such loving memories will give as much pleasure in the making as they will in the wearing. We are offering the three patterns separately, and as a set. We are also offering a variety of kits from two to three skeins with different patterns included, and a large kit with three skeins and the whole pattern collection. (If you wish to make the large version of Irma Cowl you may want a fourth skein to be on the safe side, an option to add one to your kit at a reduced price will be available on the kit’s page.) As soon as Isadora has been dyed kits will begin appearing in the Kit section of the website.

michelle set head1In addition, A set of an Irma Cowl and Mitchell Park Hat in the same natural (undyed) shade of Amelia as Michelle made her original design in is available for immediate sale as ready-made garments.




We also have this irresistible Mitchell IMG_20151215_155751Park Hat in pink available for sale now, … a terrific Christmas present for a younger lady in your life. More ready-to-wear garments made using Michelle’s, Dana’s and Nataliya’s patterns will be available soon, and we’d be happy to take an order if you would like one made in a specific colour or size.

(Note: If you would like to be kept informed about Amelia’s restocking and dyeing dates please let us know via our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to keep you up to date!)


And now in a manner of speaking, we return to where we began!

Nataliya’s luscious Winter Plumage Scarf!

hat_closeup_medium2We are delighted to be releasing (today) the matching Winter Plumage Hat!:

This charming hat was made to match the Winter Plumage Scarf! It is worked in the same Swan’s Down yarn, and constructed with the same stem lace pattern that the scarf features, with the decorative addition of one lovely lacy leaf worked into the hat’s body.The hat begins with a wonderfully stretchy elastic cast on. (Complete instructions on how to work this cast on method are included in the pattern.) After a band of ribbing, increases are worked into the stem lace pattern. The leaf is worked as the body of the hat grows, and then the crown decreases are worked in the stem lace pattern. A cozy and attractive hat is the final result! Combined with the matching scarf you’ll have a striking set of exceptionally fine feathers to plume yourself in all winter long!hat_back_medium2

(A pattern note! The leaf and stem patterns used to make both the hat and scarf are truly simple! Two standard basic decreases are used in it (K2TOG, and SSK),, with one slightly more complicated double decrease appearing in one row of the leaf pattern. There are yarn overs and the majority of the pattern is worked on reverse stocking stitch. It is a design that an adventuress beginner could easily master! Don’t let its fabulous appearance fool you, this is an easy pattern that gives exceptional results!)side_closeup

Nataliya has slightly revised the Winter Plumage Scarf pattern. Instructions to make a longer and shorter version are now included. These variations will allow you to make the most of the amount of yarn you choose. A shorter scarf and hat can be made with four skeins, and the longer scarf will finish off a fifth skein.

The hat will also be offered as a one skein kit, with Swan’s Down yarn and pattern, in a Madagascar School Project bag (while supplies last).

In addition Nataliya designed an adorable set of holiday ornaments using Les Belles Bouclettes’ Arctic Wolf Boucle yarn.

Festive Fun!ball_1
Add a unique personal touch to your festive cheer with one (or both) of these delightful ornaments. Quick and easy to make, and needing very little yarn, they will be fun to make and a delight to hang year after year.

ornamentMade with Les Belles Bouclettes Arctic Wolf, a mohair/wool blend boucle yarn, they are unusually soft to the touch, with a deliciously rich texture. This texture makes the addition of beads especially attractive. Pick beads that subtly enhance the yarn’s colour, or ones that boldly glitter against the rich boucle background. white ball beads frontWhether you choose to crochet the spiral design that creates the “Furry” Pinecone, or to knit an adorably round little ball and adorn it with a Festive Frill, you are sure to be creating treasures that will be a beloved addition to your family’s holiday traditions for many years to come.white ball beads side

Festive Fun is the first set of ornaments in the Les Belles Bouclettes line of attractive decorative items made using a minimal amount of yarn. A complimentary copy of both of these patterns will be included with every order of Arctic Wolf boucle!

Nataliya had leftover Arctic Wolf from her newest design!









While Nataliya imagined and designed this beautiful vest from start to finish, once she had her gorgeous pattern (with adorable matching Beret)beret_back
she was at something of a loss for what to call the wonderful garment she had created. She kindly asked me for suggestions but while I am in love with the fabric
the boucle produces, and cannot wait to make this design, my ideas for names were far from inspired. After consideration I turned the question over to Aimee Cook. Our readers may remember Aimee and the delightful articles she wrote on her blog, Aimee’s Victorian Armoire, last summer.
Having had the matter explained to her and viewed the photos this is what Aimee wrote back to me:vest

“The instant I saw this creation I thought 1960’s. That blending of mod and classic lines which relied on color, texture, and simple design, to me, emanate from this particular piece.

Over the past few months of spending time naming my own designs, I have realized that I like to create a name that evokes the feel of the time, the fashion inspiration, and the particular garment type. So with that said, and because I can totally see Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn wearing this item with a charcoal grey pencil skirt and little heels or a sleek pair of ankle pants and ballet flats, I humbly suggest the following:vest_shoulder
Jacqueline Vest…”
And while that wasn’t Aimee’s only suggestion it was the one that Nataliya immediately embraced with enthusiasm!! So here you have a pattern and design that should appeal to both the modern and the vintage fashion lover. Deliciously warm and cosy to wear, subtly glittering with beads, this is a versatile garment with charm and an under stated elegance. Nataliya is looking for knitters to test the pattern, if you would like a discount on the yarn and a chance to be among the first knitters to see and make this pattern please get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen. Once the pattern has been tested and edited it will be released, look for it in the late winter!beret on head


Michelle and Beth are also planning new garments, …
Just in time for spring Michelle will be designing a gloriously lacy flowing shawl in Trillium yarn!
While Beth is looking forward to dazzling us with a lacy hat and matching mitts in an equally soft springtime design.

Keep an eye on the Patterns And Kits category on our website as we upload items as they become available, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date!