January News!

We realize the New Year hasn’t seen us back to posting regularly. We miss doing so and also miss staying in touch with all our readers!  However, we have been very busy behind the scenes and we want to give you a quick sketch of why it may seem as though we’ve been neglecting you.…

January Photos

We want to share some photos with you of the farm during this  season and to show you our friends in the barn !! Finally, the winter is here with a little bit of snow. We don’t have a lot this year, that is until now.

Cauld Blows The Bitter Winter Blast!

Originally posted on thehopefulherbalist:
Morning Chorus… Winter seclusion – sitting propped against the same worn post  Basho (1644 – 1694) The Sound Of Water Translated by Sam Hamill Dawn cracks open the star speckled sky, painting grey clouds in rosy hue. First birds attend the feeders, squabbling quietly among themselves. Shaggy black rooks sit observing…