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We realize the New Year hasn’t seen us back to posting regularly. We miss doing so and also miss staying in touch with all our readers!  However, we have been very busy behind the scenes and we want to give you a quick sketch of why it may seem as though we’ve been neglecting you.
To begin with, the most important reason for all our crafters, Isabelle was able to book an extra place at the mill. So earlier this week a big box of fleece was shipped, and Amelia,
and Apple Blossom yarns apple blossomshould be back in stock some time in early March.
While anyone who wants to make Michelle’s or Beth’s beautiful patternsSunday Memories can use our Isadora yarn, canary_cowlwe know you will all be as delighted as we will be to have our beloved Amelia yarn back in stock. 
In the mean time, Michelle is designing something wonderful with our Trillium fingering weight yarn,
trillium_teal and Beth will soon be able to dazzle all you lucky crocheters with a pattern using our luxuriously soft Arctic Wolf Boucle.arctic wolf_ yellow
Speaking of the Arctic Wolf, Nataliya’s fabulous Jacqueline Ensemble vest pattern is being test knitted as I write.  vestHowever, because we would like to have it tested in all sizes we still need a couple more testers.  If you are interested in making a gorgeous garment using a complimentary pattern while you receive a steep discount on the luxury yarn to knit it with, then  please contact us or Nataliya to find out how to sign up.
While her Jacqueline vest pattern is being tested Nataliya is whiling away her knitting time creating a brand new pattern using Edith
edith_light blue We’ll be bringing you more details about this project and the other works in progress soon!
In between sorting and shipping fleece Isabelle has been hard at work revising our website.  She is looking forward to launching a new improved version some time in the next few weeks.  The site will be down for a short time during the actual transfer so if you ever find an “Under Construction” message when you visit that is why.  We are really excited and looking forward to the new look of our boutique’s online home! Soon as it is live we will let you know so you can help us to celebrate!  In the mean time our regular site is in fine working order and please feel free to drop in to shop and browse same as usual.
Since Isabelle has the pleasure of doing all things technical and hasn’t had extra time to play with long blog posts etc. I’ve been busying myself cooking up some ideas offline.
Aimee from Aimee’s Victorian Armoire new-blog-logo3is teaming up with us next month and we’ll be giving away a gorgeous spring themed collection of our soap and bath products!  She’ll be announcing the general outline on her blog next Monday, and the giveaway officially starts on February 22nd.  We hope you’ll pop over, check it out, enter, and then tell all your friends!  
While the giveaway was being planned I created a brand new product!  Something I’ve wanted to offer as part of our line for some time, a bag of it will be included in the spring themed giveaway, …
  Foaming Bath Salts!  
Look for details about them once the revised site is up, and for a description of them in Aimee’s giveaway posts.
So now you have an idea of how January has been spent around here.  Hope its been a happy productive month for all of you, and we look forward to sharing a fabulous February with YOU!