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As Isabelle shared in her last post, Family News, she and her family are naturally thinking a lot about weddings and all the planning and details that go into them. So what better time to write a series of posts in which we can discuss some ideas and suggestions we think may help anyone planning a special day ! These ideas will work for weddings, as well as showers (wedding or baby), graduation parties, Sweet Sixteens, quinceañeras, or they could simply be used to make any event extra memorable! Les Belles Bouclettes stocks a number of products that would be perfect either as finishing touches for your celebration, or as gifts for attendants. Some are part of our regular inventory, some are easily customizable (so you can have them made in fragrances and colours to match your theme), and some are designed for you to do yourself if you are looking to add a personal touch. We thought we’d start in this post with one of the small but significant details, favours! Any of these products could make a small stand alone favour, be combined to make a set, or be included with other items you have selected. Our favourite product for favours are these delightful shower steamer tablets!shower steamers Your guests will love these wonderfully fragrant little gifts. Simple to use, they create a luxurious atmosphere allowing anyone to enjoy a home spa experience as they shower. (If you are not familiar with shower steamer tablets please click here to read all about them) As you can see they can be made plain,shower steamer alone in a variety of colours,IMG_20160220_144019 IMG_20160220_144742 with or without glitter. (This is only a Small sampling of the possible colours and combinations available.)IMG_20160220_145319 IMG_20160220_144859Since our steamer tablets are made to order customizing them with added colour and/or glitter in the scent of your choice is easy to do. Both shapes weigh 30 grams (1 ounce) and are the perfect size for one shower. IMG_20160220_144742 IMG_20160220_144019 As you can see they can be presented in a variety of ways: on there own,IMG_20160220_144749 slipped into a small organza bag (ten colours available),IMG_20160220_150248 IMG_20160220_150446 A mini selection packaged attractively in a larger organza bag,IMG_20160220_153014 IMG_20160220_153450 Or one of these bags decorated with a hand-made needle felted pin, the perfect keepsake commemorating your special day!,IMG_20160220_153309 IMG_20160220_153505 IMG_20160220_153609IMG_20160220_153739 The needle Felted Pins are another one of our favour suggestions.felted_birds felted_pins2They are easy to make and you could either place a custom order, or order our kitfelted-pins-kit and make your very own unique pins. (If you would like to order sufficient supplies to make a large number of pins please contact us!) For suggestions on how to construct your pins please visit our post Needle Felting Part I where we photographed step by step as a little flower was felted. yellow flowerWhether pinned to a shower steamer tablet or decorating a gift bag or box, these tiny felted treasures will add a very personal touch to the favours your guests take home. Small soaps shaped like flowers,flower1 hearts heart_side and tulipstulip would also make charming favours or parts of favours. Weighing between 30 grams to 90 grams (1 to 3 ounces) one or more of these soaps, scented in fragrances to coordinate with your theme or other favours/gifts would add an attractive aromatic note to the event and decorations. If you like the idea of a luxurious goat milk soap but again are looking for a favour you can make yourself, then our felted soap kits are perfect! felted soap kit1You choose the soap scent, and the colours of the rovings you will use to felt the soap. (Again special custom orders are welcome and many specific scents and colours can be arranged.)felted-soap-kit Even better this project is safe for all ages, so can be all inclusive; family and friends (including children) can lend a hand in creating your one-of-a-kind felted soap favours! To find out how to felt soap please visit our tutorial where you will find a complete set of instructions. Our customers pleasure in our high-quality hand-crafted products is always intensely satisfying to us. To work with you to create something that will be a part of an important event, to help make and be part of some of the precious memories of that event, is extra special! Additional ideas and suggestions are always welcome, please feel free to share yours in the comment section!