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We are very pleased to introduce our new monthly post: What’s new on the farm!
We will put some pictures and videos of the highlights of the month together, and update you on what has been happening. All things being equal Monthly Photos What’s New On The farm should be posted on the last Sunday of each month.farm


Weather: This month, we had snow and freezing rain. Most of the winter we have had very little but since the beginning of the month we have had a whole cocktail of weather conditions: snow, freezing rain, rain, … mix and repeat!!
Here are some pictures after the first storm what a nice blue sky and sun.IMAG1848 IMAG1845 IMAG1843

A day when the weather was calm, in the evening after our barn chores :
Coeur  (Remember little Coeur? Hasn’t she grown?)coeur and a sunsetsunset

On the 17th of February we had a fibre show in Chesterville.Chesterville show
There was a storm the day before and the roads were fairly clear. Fanny came with me ( she had no school because of the roads ) . And we just had to take these pictures en route:IMAG1832 on the road

Here are some photos of the full moon ( in the evening , around 6pm ) Full moonand early the next morning early (around 5:30am), the moon is still high in the sky.full moon early in the morning I really enjoy working early in the morning, seeing the sun rise, hearing the sounds of nature, seeing the goats quite sleepy.

February’s Surprise!:
We had some early births ( because some of our does escaped this summer and had an unscheduled visit with our bucks). And voila!!twins
We try as much as possible to have the goats give birth in April when temperatures are milder. Now, it is too cold in the barn (-10, -15 Celsius). When the twins were born , we brought them to sleep for 2 nights under a heat lamp. Then the weather warmed and they could stay with their mother.IMAG1860
Sadly, a few days later , one of the twins dyed : he was just too weak.

On the same day, a new kid was born!
This new one also spent his first night under the heat lamp, because his mother didn’t like him at all. By himself he was so cold!Fanny and our last new born kid Then the next day he was able to stay with his mother and she allowed him to drink. Finally, it looks like this guy will be fine !!
They are so darling, it’s always a pleasure to take them in our arms.IMAG1880


During the last storm (mainly freezing rain, very icy), we were lucky not to lose electricity.IMAG1898IMAG1897
The ice and wind were very hard on the trees, here are some of the fallen branches close to home.IMAG1895

And yesterday (Saturday) morning, Belle (our first little new born female kid) had such cold ears that I tucked her against me in my coat to warm her a little bit. And at the same time to give her a big hug!!

And voila what happens on the farm this month. I hope you enjoyed this little resume.
We’ll be back in March with more news from the farm.

Anything in particular you’d like to see or hear about on our farm?
Please let us know in the comments section!