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Today we wanted to offer a few more suggestions that could help you to add the final touches to an upcoming event. In addition to the ideas and products we shared with you in our post Party Planning, Fabulous Favours, we do also stock a selection of products that would make wonderful presents for everything from baby and wedding showers, to gifts for attendants. Again many of these products are also easily custom ordered and can be made to match or compliment aspects of your special event.

A set of hand-made goat milk soap and matching bath bomb or Happy Toes footbath Fizzies can make an attractive gift for an attendant.
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For a fancier present a selection of our one ounce guest soaps and some shower steamer tablets (or mini bath fizzies) can be beautifully arranged and presented in a less conventional container. glass soapsglass soaps2

One of our soaps in a masculine scent would add a nice touch to a groomsman’s gift.
IMG_20160229_144130 IMG_20160229_144234
Thrill a Mother to be with this charming set of soap and fizzy teddy bears.IMG_20160229_143735IMG_20160229_143922

And for when you and the ladies who have helped you plan and organize your special day need a moment to relax and pamper yourselves (together or on your own) what could be more luxurious then a wonderful exfoliating soapy scrub for your feet, followed by a delicious soak in a footbath with a fizzy designed to soothe, relax and moisturize tired winter skin. A set of Scrubby Suds and Happy Toes Footbath Fizzies is sure to be a treasured gift! Whether you want to have an all girls home spa day, or just want to get your feet ready for a pedicure and strappy sandals this combination will make your toes happy!Scrubby suds and fizzies

This is only a small over view of the products we carry and ways in which they can be mixed and matched to create thoughtful, unique gifts that will be welcomed and enjoyed by all to whom you present them.

What are some of the best gifts you have given or received at showers or as the member of a wedding party? Do you have any other ideas to help inspire our readers? We’d love to hear your suggestions and memories so please feel free to share them in the comments section!