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For the first weekend of Fanny’s Spring Break, we went to see my oldest
daughter and her fiance in Quebec City. I could not resist sharing some
pictures from our little trip.

Photos Inside The City:

Here is the statue of the city’s founder, : Samuel de Champlainsamuel de champlain
The Chateau Frontenac (a fabulous hotel), which dominates the view of the St. Lawrence riverchateau frontenacchateau frontenacchateau frontenac

The St. Lawrence River, where you can see some blocks of ice and a ferry crossing the riverSt. Lawrence RiverA street in Old Quebec now kept just for pedestriansA street in Old Quebec


Photos Outside Of The City:

On the road: between Quebec and Saguenay-Tadousac
We went up to the city of Saguenay where you can see the river of the
same name.Saguenay river

We crossed the Saguenay River and we went to Ste Rose du Nord. The river
was completely frozen. There were people para-skiing and others who were fishing on the ice. Ste Rose du Nord Ste Rose du Nord
Then we arrived at Tadoussac. This is the creek in front of the main hotel.tadoussactadoussac hotel
It was so peaceful with the sound of the little waves and the scent of salt water on the breezes. tadoussac
Next we took a ferry ride to cross the Saguenay River, which flows into
the St. Lawrence. This photo is taken from the ferry. In summer we can see beluga whales in this waterway.from the ferry

If you are planning to visit the province of Quebec, this is an important area to visit. Quebec is a beautiful city with a unique historic character. As for the Saguenay and Charlevoix region, these are beautiful places where nature is present in all its glory. I hope one day you will have the opportunity to be there yourself and fill your senses.