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What a month !! We had several snow storms and freezing rain earlier this month, as mentioned in our article How March Roared In!snow
Then spring started to show up : rain came and melted the snow. We could see the grass ( not green yet but still, grass) in the fields!field We finally started to see and hear some geese flying back over us.
Unfortunately, Jack Frost hadn’t painted his last picture. We had another snow storm and more freezing rain. It came with lots of high winds for 3 days and the worst was last Thursday.snowfreezing rainfreezing rain

But now it is Spring , the sun is warmer and everything is melting quite fast. It is amazing how much can change in one day.
We really hope this will be our last storm of the winter/spring but we never know. And we didn’t see a lot of geese yet.

Some flowers have begun growing: we have some crocuses already blooming and some daffodils are poking through.crocus

flowerAt the barn, we had three births. baby goatYou can see our little kids having fun in the barn.

When I feed the goats in the morning and at night, I take them out of their pen so they can run and have fun in a bigger space. They will enjoy doing this outside as soon as the weather permits.

Our rooster has 3 new girlfriends and he is really happy because he was very lonely since his little darling was found dead earlier this month. He isn’t the only one who is happy! The hens have already started to lay eggs and maybe this summer we might have some little chicks.rooster and hens

Good news also for knitters, I just received my box of new yarn from the fibre mill. As soon as they are washed and dyed ( at least some skeins) , you will find them for sale on our website Les Belles Bouclettes. All the yarns in this batch are blended with merino wool and spun beautifully, they look terrific,! They are so soft and smooth : you will really enjoy knitting or crocheting with them. And I’ll tel you a lot more about them in another post soon.yarns

So that’s a quick look at what happened on the farm in March. Next month is going to be busy with more kids expected, and shearing taking place soon. If you want a peak at what happens during shearing make sure to look at our post shearing time!

We all wish you and your families a Happy Easter!