April. What’s new on the farm?

What a busy month.
First the weather: beginning of the month, we thought Spring was here IMAG2123IMAG2141but  winter came and said hello again with snow and freezing rain!IMAG2161 IMAG2159 IMAG2158

Finally, spring quietly returned. This year we had lots of geese and snow geese around the farm. They came in whole flocks and landed in farmers cornfields to eat the grain left on the ground.  IMAG2155Then they rest a while before continuing their journey.IMAG2164IMAG2167

Another sign that spring is here. We sheared our angora goats. IMAG2083IMAG2149Checkout all the bags of mohair! IMAG2142A lot of work sorting in coming days.IMAG2208 Just imagine all of the beautiful yarns and rovings we will have for you to enjoy soon.

Spring would not be spring without birth. For now, we have 22 kids. We still have six expecting mothers. We had single kids, twins and even triplets. I will say that until now,  everything’s going pretty well. Here are a few playing,IMAG2226

others sleeping,IMAG2233

IMAG2224drinking their milkIMAG2220 .

In two to three weeks, this gorgeous herd will be able to go outside, to eat good fresh grass and enjoy the pastures. What a pleasure after all these months inside the barn!IMAG2242

And what better way to finish than to leave you with a photo of our daffodilsIMAG2244

Spring Is In Bloom!

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