May. What’s new on the farm?

Finally, the heat has arrived! The snow is truly gone!! There were days in May when we wondered if it ever would, some of it was very cold and fresh, even frosty.  

Since the risk of frost is officially only over on May the 24th we had nothing planted, and luckily our pear and plum trees were late in blossoming, so we were lucky and didn’t have any damage! Hopefully we will have plums and pears this year !!pear trees

In a month, nature has changed drastically. Trees have leaves. tree1 tree2Fields burnt by snow and frost have become green meadows.pasture1 pasture2 Our goats are happy to finally be outside.
Here are some photos and videos of our goats and their babies enjoying the spring pasture.


outside herd

After a day playing and running outside the babies are so exhausted that everyone is taking a nap!!nap1 nap2 nap3 nap4
This year, we had 32 kids (baby goats), and this is a year for the does (22 females and only 10 males).
And for you, our dear knitters and spinners, we had 8 mohair kids and 2 pygoras. Kid mohair will be available starting this fall in locks, rovings and yarn!!
(Note on pygoras:   A pygora is a mix breed goat, a cross between an angora and a pygmee goat. The fibre they produce seems to be very nice for spinning. We  have a pygora doe and I bred her with my mohair buck. We are excited about their kids!  pygorasTheir fibre is different, they have fewer locks but already they look very shiny!)

I could not resist sharing this wonderful picture with you,: here are the goats sleeping outside early in the morning, Mother and daughter sitting and sleeping together. Really cute !!morning goats
Our large barn is now empty. Everybody is either in the fields permanently (the young goats, bucks and llamas),  or outside with access to the small barn (the moms and babies). This summer, we will build larger pens in our large barn. We will also improve our feeder system because our dear friends the goats waste their hay throwing it down, and once it is on the ground they don’t eat it. We will keep you up to date this summer with that project.

We look forward to the fireflies season: meadows bright in the night thanks to them. I will try to take pictures of these beautiful moments next month.
Looking forward to seeing you again next month, I wish you a pleasant month of June. Enjoy the season!!

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