May, In the garden!

We finally took the time to till the ground and plant seeds: some lettuce, beets, beans, onions, carrots, carrotsbroccoli, red cabbage, zucchinis,…We added tomato plants, cucumbers, melons, green peppers and a small strawberry peppers Some herbs too : basil, cilantro, parsley, chives, luffa. lettuceI hope this one will grow because with my friend Grey Dove, we have a whole project using the famous (to us) loofahs for our goat milk soap.
Currants and gooseberries have dozens and dozens of flowers (so full of possible berries).black current the Raspberries have also started to grow.raspberry

2 thoughts on “May, In the garden!

  1. What a classic, appealing selection of vegetables that you’ve planted. I’m envisioning a hearty salad that could, in theory, include them all come harvest time.

    Here’s wishing you a sunny, wonderful summer and a bumper crop this year.

    ♥ Jessica

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  2. Thank you Jessica for your kind comment!! Yes, I can imagine a nice salad with all those ingredients : an enchantment for the eyes with all these colours and a pleasure to eat with all those different flavours. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a nice growing season this year!


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