Aimee's Victorian Armoire


I love window boxes!  I’m talking adore every little part of their sweetness and beauty!  However, my house really can’t have window boxes…..its a long story that ends in bitter sadness and then a quick but effective switch to the “over the railing flower boxes.” 🙂  But if any of you lucky ducks out there have window boxes or are thinking of getting window boxes, than know you have my utmost love and admiration!

Below are a few of my most favorite window box ideas and their sources.  I hope they bring you some wonderful inspiration!

This first one has amazing pops of color!  Don’t you just love their use of a hot pink window frame?!


Image from Midwest Living

This example really has the feel of the 1800’s to me.  Earthy, textural, and wild!  Love!


Image from Better Homes and Gardens.  Click link to see the flowers used.

Now this…

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