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June, the month summer officially begins!

This year it has been a true month of summer. We had warm and hot days with very little rain. We are not yet speaking of drought, but it is dry. Seedlings are struggling to rise and our rain barrels are often empty!rain barrel

Despite this, we managed to make a good first cut of hay. hay cuttingIt smells so good! It is a high quality of hay, even if it is less abundant than other years. (There is less because of the lack of rain.)hay balling

We started cleaning our winter pens in the large barn and as usual, our manure conveyor got stuck. manure conveyorSo Jacques (my husband) climbed on the top to fix it. It is a fact, on a farm you need someone talented at repairs!jacques reparing

Our goats are doing well. The kids (baby goats) are growing and eating grass and grain.goatsHere are some photos and videos taken in the morning as they are waking up. Everyone is still quiet, … it is a special time of day.in the morningkids in the barn

Click here to see this short video showing goats waking up

When we moved the goats into a new pasture ( it is necessary to rotate pastures so they are not over grazed), they are very happy to find the fresh grass. Silence falls! The only sound to be heard is the soft noise made by dozens of goats’ mouths as they eat, eat, and eat! ! It is really funny!new pasture
To enjoy a peak at our kids playing outside click here:

I tried to photograph fireflies in the evening in our fields, but the result is very average. It is so beautiful to see these little lights flashing, quietly flying around us. My camera is not a new one, so you can only see a few of them!!

I also took advantage of these nice days to start dyeing some skeins we received from our various mills. dyed yarns dyeing yarnsCrafters, please have just a bit more patience, you will soon find them for sale on our website.

As you can see June is a busy month on the farm! We hope it has been a good month for you as well, the start of a terrific summer! We’d love to hear about your beginning of summer (or winter for our followers in the southern hemisphere), please tell us about June in your corner of the world.

Wishing you a Happy Solstice, we look forward to seeing you again in July!