Here’s To You, Canada! Part V

Over the last four weeks we’ve introduced you to (or reacquainted you with) four memorable women. Choosing who to write about has been very challenging. As mentioned in the beginning of this series Canada is a country that does not trumpet its accomplishments to the world, so it is not surprising that many of our truly remarkable women and their fabulous accomplishments frequently get over looked, or if celebrated are all too often quickly forgotten.

In this final post in the series we thought we’d highlight a few more of these women, and share some of the sites we found while researching to write the series. They are all excellent resources for anyone else wishing to take a voyage of discovery and meet great Canadian women!

Beatrice St. Amant

Beatrice St. Amant

We’d like to begin by reminding you of a lady about whom we wrote last year, Beatrice St. Amant. In a quiet way she accomplished great things, and has left a legacy that continues to help and support many to this day.


Jennie Kidd Trout - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Jennie Kidd Trout – Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

We also wanted to specially mention Jennie Kidd Trout, the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada.


Pauline Johnson, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Pauline Johnson, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Even a short list of memorable Canadian women could not be complete without at least a reference to E. Pauline Johnson,an outstanding woman and poet. Indeed Pauline Johnson appears on more of the pages listed below.


Viola Desmond. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Viola Desmond. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

For profiles on several fascinating Canadian women this page describing the short list of the ladies who were nominated to appear on Canada’s new bank notes makes wonderful reading.

Want to know if you share a birthday with one of Canada’s famous women? Find out here!

On this page you can read about the women who have graced Canadian postal stamps.

And finally, one of the most comprehensive resources, the aptly named has a wonderful selection of biographies of Canadian women!

Thank you for joining us while we celebrated Canada’s birthday month, and a few of her exceptional daughters!for Canada Day


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