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IMAG2643Its been a very hot month. For the first half it was also a very dry month with only a few bad thunder storms. That kind of rain doesn’t water anything. Finally, after the middle of the month rain started and things were better.

Hay is finally stored in the barn. hay in the barnOnce we have our second cut ( in a week or two), we will put it there too, beside and on the top of the other bales.

We want to build new pens for the goats so we began to dismantle and clean the old ones. in the barnThey will be more spacious with larger feeders. Thus all the goats will have the place to eat without having to push or fight for space to eat.

During the day, our goats are in the pasture, goats in pasturegrazing on the grass, goats in pasturetrimming my treesgoats trimming trees. At the hottest time of the day everyone is looking for shade and shadows. Here our buck found a nice cool one.buck in shadow ! When evening comes the moms and babies are at the gate, waiting to go to the barn to eat some grain.goats waitinggoats waiting I put the grain in feeders and open the gate, then watch my feet! It’s a rodeo! Everybody is running! Click here to see the video:


We have begun to milk some goats for the milk we use in our soap.IMAG2710

Our younger goats and llamas stay outside. We made a new feeder system for them and it works well with less waste.outside grain feederBy giving grain to everybody each day, we can get close to them while they are fairly still. grains for llamas and younger goatsIt gives us a chance to take a look at them and see if everything is fine.

July was a busy month, but on the actual farm most of the activity has been plants and animals growing, gardenand of course working to stay cool in the very hot weather we’ve had. In the family a lot has been going on as many relatives have been arriving from all over for my daughter’s wedding in August.

We hope you are having a good summer and we look forward to being back with a new update at the end of August!