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What a beautiful September. We had just enough rain and sunny days for
the animals to graze outside and for our vegetables to grow in the
garden. Fall is now here: we can now see geese in the sky and trees
are starting to change colors! imag3012Temperatures began to go down too: 3 degrees celsius this week. ( almost a frost) . We really have to start canning shortly. We’ll write more about that next month.

This year, we decided, (thanks to the helpful advice from our uncle and cousin who are also farmersand were visiting this summer) to completely renovate our hay
pasture. For many years now it has produced less and less good quality hay and was surrounded by weeds. This summer’s drought was the fatal blow. After a complete weeding, we started to spread manure. imag3015Then in a few days we will run disks to break the crust, mix in the manure and aerate the soil. In spring, we’ll plant a good quality hay mix for our goats. And we’ll be good for several years with a nice feed. Very important to have healthy animals.

September is also the month of shearing: Friday night, our shearer came and sheared 31 goats. Here are some pictures before and after. imag2978 imag2974imag2983imag2985imag3000imag3001_burst004 imag3003_burst002_coverWhat a change. and here are some bags of fleeces we will have to sort!imag3011

Before temperatures drop too much I will be continuing to dye more skeins and
locks. Here are some examples of the ones I have dyed in the last couple of weeks!

imag3024 imag3025Talking about colours, I also want to thank our visitors and customers, so many of you came to our show in Almonte. It was great to meet you and is very encouraging for us. showWe do enjoy providing you with good quality products, and it adds something extra when we get to meet you in person. Thank you for supporting your local producers.

However, we must end this update on a sad note, our good dog Maiko died of old age. She was 12 years old and this week she died quietly in her sleep. Rest in peace, Maiko! maiko
At least you’re not alone, you found Charlot and Yogi!charlot

yogiWe wish you a good month of October, the month of harvest and the Canadian Thanksgiving! We’ll see you next month with more news.