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What a month! We went from an unusually warm month of September (it was 26 degrees Celsius) to our first true frost (twice it went to minus 5 degrees Celsius) which ended the garden season.frost And this week we had our first snow. snow2 snow1Everything melted during the morning but the signs that winter is fast approaching cannot be ignored!
The fall colours are virtually over since the trees have lost most of their leaves.fall-colours2 The geese are still flying over us. For now, they still aren’t landing to rest close to us, I guess that will change as soon as the corn harvest is over, then they will eat the grain left in the fields. geese2 geese1

Now is the time to make our wood piles for this winter. And my husband Jacques has been working hard cutting tree trunks into logs. woodNow they need to dry outside, later we’ll move them into the shed!

This month in the barn the major project was to build new pens and large feeders for the goats this winter. Here is the first one we have completed. Great job Denis !!denisfeederFor now, the goats spend the night inside and during the day they are outside.pens

My personal project was to dye more beautiful skeins of yarn, mohair locks and to put together kits. (All are very popular at shows and make great holiday gifts!) Many are already listed on our website.dyed-yarns
I also finished sorting some fleeces to send to the fibre mill this week.

It is a little more than a month since the goats were sheared and their locks have already started to grow.kid-mohair kid-mohair2

Finally, I could not resist showing you this picture of our dogs Mickey and Minnie going for a ride in the back of the pickup with my son Denis.dogs1 dogs2

I wish you a Happy Halloween, a Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours and a nice November month to all of you. See you in a month with more news from the farm!