November: What’s new on the farm!

snow1Well hello, Mister Frost!! The snow is here and seems to be staying for a while. A good 15 cm (6″has fallen since last week and children (to their great happiness) even got their first day of school cancelled because of the snow.snow2

All our goats are now in the barn and enjoying their new pens. As our regular readers know we raise two different kinds of goats on the farm, and now we have separated the angora goats from the other goats. We decided to do this because we have 2 different bucks: we’d like you to meet Clayton, our angora buck!clayton

Now we can be absolutely sure that Clayton mates with only angora does. This is important because we want our fleeces to be beautiful 100% mohair, to insure our fibre products are truly gorgeous!clayton_girls

And here is our second buck: new-buckWe recently acquired him for our meat and dairy goats. He is young ( just 6 months old) but we can already see that he will have a beautiful conformation when he is an adult. new-buck2We’ll give him a name once we know him better. ( We bought him just a week ago). But he sure is happy with all his girls!

This year’s babies (kids) are in a pen of their own. young-goats2They are too young to go in a pen with the adolescent (yearling) goats, and they are still too small to reach the feeders in the other barn. young-goatsYou can already see that their fleeces are growing in, … wonderful how quickly they grow back.mohair-growing

We settled the teens in another part of the barn and soon the lamas will come join them.yearling-mohair

yearling-dairy-goatsWe are in the height of the craft show season. It started in early November and for us the season will wrap up next week on the first weekend in December.
Here you can see some of what we do, preparing and setting things up:boxes
November also saw the launch of our new and improved website! If you haven’t visited yet please stop in and check it out! You can still take advantage of our end of month sale, it runs through November 30th! (And remember we offer flat rate and free shipping options all year round!) You’ll find the products you know and love, along with ones we have re-listed now that they are back in stock. We have also been busy stocking and featuring products that will make great gifts ! So do look through our selection for gift giving ideas, … the Christmas holidays are coming soon! And with them just around the corner we’d like to also remind you that Belles Bouclettes is happy to help if you need hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, presents for gift exchanges or want to treat someone special! There is lots to choose from in a wide variety of prices to suit every budget on our website. We want to help you have fun shopping so you’ll find gift and tote bags to make packaging easy, or we are happy to make your choice of products into a gift set wrapped and ready to give.

We know the next few weeks will be fairly hectic for many of you, … here’s wishing you luck in coping with all the holiday activities and events!
until next time, … hope you have a happy and safe December!


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