IN Time For The Holidays!

Gifts With The Personal Touch! Custom Gift Sets And Customized Felted Soaps!

New in our boutique, just in time for the holidays we have two new listings for you!

Five Gift Sets To Choose From!:

First, you have to make the difficult choice between the different gift sets.

Once you have picked your collection of hand-made products you select a fragrance for the entire set, or a different scent for each product.

You can complete your unique gift collection with one of our gift bags or boxes, or have it sent as is and wrap it up yourself. Imagine your special someone’s pleasure when they open your present, one you designed just for them!

Have a Star Wars fan, Disney princess or young Harry Potter on your list this year? Why not get them a Customized Felted soap in the theme colours from their favourite movie!?customize-felted-soap

Your customized soap begins with you choosing the perfect fragrance for your young heroine. Then you select the colours, and we will envelop one of our generously sized (150 g 5oz) bars of artisan goat milk soap in rovings in the colours you picked;

and we create a felted soap just for you. You can add finishing personal touches to this custom gift by putting the young hero’s initials or some other significant design feature onto the soap. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind gift to be treasured and enjoyed!

(Note: These soaps do need time to dry after felting so anyone wanting to use them to stuff stockings or tuck under trees best order Very Soon! For information on shipping deadlines and pick-up options please check our post, Time Is Running Out!)

We hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations as much as we are, and we look forward to you visiting our shop, see you soon!


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