December: What’s new on the farm!!

(We saved this post to time it with the out going year, and because we hoped you were enjoying your Christmas and the holidays too much to check it out last weekend. So here is our last update of 2016, on the last day of the year.)

What a weather cocktail we had this month!! At the beginning of December, the snow from November had completely melted. beginning of decemberThen a few days later, a new snow storm arrived leaving a few centimetres of fluffy white stuff. snow1The next day, the first true cold attacked, it was -27 Celsius (-16.6 Fahrenheit), with no wind. temperatureEven the front door of the house was frozen! front door
One of our llama’s, Hot Cocoa had beautiful white cocoa
Since then we have had several days with snow falling, or more often snow storms. snow2 snow3
At least This year we had the pleasure of a truly white Christmas.

Here is the llamas’ shelter, they are well protected from the wind, with lots of straw on the ground. They really enjoy being outside like this!!llama shelter
Here are some fun pictures of our animals we thought you’d enjoy:
Three friends are so gluttonous that they stuck their heads in the hay feeder!!3 friends
Two angora kids sleeping side by sideangoras kids sleeping
Our lama Half and Half playing hide and seek with the wheelbarrow!half and half half and half
A goat is always curious, this one wants to see everything everywhere!curious goat curious goat
Finally, we wanted to share some bloopers with you of when we fitted the Christmas hat! We thought it made a happy close to our final post of 2016 and would leave you, our wonderful readers with a smile.bloopers 5 bloopers 5 bloopers 4 bloopers 3 bloopers 2 bloopers 1bloopers 6 bloopers 7

We send good wishes to you all, hoping that 2017 is a year of good health, beautiful achievements in your projects, and that you are surrounded by the ones you love and cherish!

Looking forward to seeing you in January, and to spending a fabulous New Year with you as we continue to share our projects,as well as tidbits of life here on the farm!



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