January: What’s new on the farm!!

Well, here on the farm this year we are having a real Canadian winter : snow, freezing rain, rain, and so on!! On the other hand, we did not have very cold temperatures for this month. But hey, winter is not over: still more than a month to go !!
Here are some photos of the snow and ice we had.winter-farm1 winter-farm2 winter-farm4 winter-farm6 winter-farm6a winter-farm7 winter-farm8 winter-farm9 winterfarm11 winter-farm12

We are really lucky not to have had the freezing rain New Brunswick had last week. There are still some people without power !! (Our thought for the day!)

January is traditionally a slower month on the farm. Its a good time to catch up on chores and breathe a little between the Christmas rush and the exciting busy spring to come. With the kids being born, shearing and letting everyone back into the pastures (all the fences need to be checked) the months ahead won’t be restful.IMAG2228 IMAG2208 IMAG2141

For now we are waiting for warmer weather to dye more yarns and mohair lockslocks-yearling-mohair-royal-blue amelia-sport-yarn-mohair-merino-60-40

One thing this cold weather is good for is growing the fleeces on our goats. See how much longer they are getting?mohair1 mohair2 mohair4

As you know everything depends on our goats having beautiful, thick healthy fleece. So we carefully watch our goats, making sure they do not have lice. If we find Any sign of them we immediately treat them so that these damned bugs do not contaminate the whole flock! (It already happened in the past, it was a disaster and I won’t let it happen again!!) For now, all is under control !!Here is an example of a damaged fleece: you can see how badly the locks are felted and damaged! 


And for comparison, here is a photo of nice locks!mohair7

Its a time of year when thoughts turn to spring and the garden we will be planting. We have received our seed catalogues and are ready to make our orders !! We have wonderful projects planned!! We will tell you more about them in the beginning of Spring !!

To finish on a happy note, we saved this funny picture of our goats waiting for grains !!goats2

Hope you all have a fabulous February!personalized-felted-soap-heart


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