Hearts For You!

February is here, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and wedding season is just around the corner!heart

For the past few weeks Nataliya, one of our talented knitwear designers has been first designing, then testing, and now is working with me to refine a mini pattern collection specially suited to celebrating couples, love, weddings and Valentine’s.

I’m sure you must all remember Nataliya and the gorgeous designs she has already made with our yarn. Her beautiful Winter Plumage Scarf and Hat helped to sell out our supply of Swan’s Down yarn. (No worries, we’ll be getting more in the late spring/early summer.) winter-plumage-scarf-knit-pattern-swans-down-novelty-yarn-mohair-wool-front_fullwinter-plumage-set-knit-pattern-swans-down-novelty-yarn-mohair-woolAnd her cosy retro styled Jacqueline Vest and Beret in Arctic Wolf boucle continues to turn heads and garner compliments.fall-walk vest_beret_f

We’re about to release a new pattern from her, a beautiful capelet, and a leafy cowl pattern is still in testing . (If you want to give it a try please do, you can find the thread with all the details here!) Of course we’ll let you know as the new patterns become available.

So you know how delighted we are to be collaborating with her yet again to create this collection.

At this time we are working on a heart sachet, … isn’t it sweet? heart2It is still a work in progress but these are the test sachets. Nataliya’s are the original in undyed white Amelia and the one made in pink Amelia is stuffed with rose petals and available for sale. knitted-heart-in-oval-dishThey are all worked in one piece from the point, divided in to two parts where the heart starts to curve, and finished with a drawstring closure in the middle. We are currently discussing a slightly more decorative version but the basic pattern will remain the same. The final heart is a delight, small, soft to the touch, and a treat to hold and sniff.heart4

Next we have this charming pillow: pillowAgain Nataliya’s is the one made in undyed Amelia and the pink pillow is also knitted with Amelia and is for sale.knitted-sachet-pillow-on-lacy-bg

Both small square pillows feature a textured heart pattern on the front. The design was changed slightly to add more of a textural contrast so the heart is clearer on the pink pillow which was knitted using the revised stitch pattern. The textured heart motif will continue to be a feature of this attractive mini cushion.pillow_heart

Nataliya is currently embellishing the original pillow with an edging which will be included in the final version of the pattern, the one that will be offered for sale.pillow_ruffle

We will also be experimenting, knitting it with beads, and possibly adding other decorations. In its current form, it is perfect as a sachet or dream pillow. In its final more decorative form we envision it as an excellent choice for a ring pillow.all

There will be a third pattern in the booklet which we aren’t ready to show to you yet, but it will also be decorative and will compliment the other two, or stand alone, all up to the imagination and creativity of the knitter enjoying it.

The pattern collection was conceived for and is designed to worked with one skein of Les Belles Bouclettes’ Amelia yarn. Each pattern requires only a small quantity of yarn. This will make them fabulous to have on hand when you have one of those difficult amounts of leftover yarn.

Remember, there’s still time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine on Les Belles Bouclettes. personalized-felted-soap-small-heartsOur Personalized Felted Soap and Custom Gifts Sets would be fantastic gifts for anyone special you want to pamper on the 14th!bathing-beauty-gift-set
We wish you a wonderful month of February, filled with friendship, love and happiness, on Valentine’s and everyone of the other 27 days!valentine_


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