February: What’s new on the farm!!

It’s official, , February is a winter month!! And this one there were so many snowstorms and incredibly strong winds! Those winds pushed the snow between our house and the garage so firmly that it built walls.snow wall

snow wall2Here are some pictures taken when the wind was blowing. You can even see some snow sculptures made by the wind !!snow and wind snow and wind
Here are some pictures taken after different storms!after storm 1 after storm 2 after storm 3 after storm 4 after storm 5
We have our own jungle gym (Fanny tried to climb the wall with our dog Minnie) along with a slide!fanny-and-minniefanny-slides
We are very lucky and are equipped with the tractor and Jacques, my husband, can push the snow and make a passage through it for us.wallwall
Storms have their own beauty and afterwards its lovely to admire the stalactites formed by the wind!stalactites
Then there is the wonder of winter sunrises, making frosted trees sparkle and glittering off of snow mountains that look as soft and fluffy as mounds of whipped cream!!after storm
For the past few days, the temperatures are rising and the snow has been melting ! We’ll soon be saying goodbye to Old Man winter! (Although he may have a storm or two left to share with us.)melt snow melt snow2

Meanwhile inside, …
we had our 1st show of the year at Chesterville (18th Spin-In). Here are some pictures of the preparations and our tables at the show!yarn kits (We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the organizers for putting such a well run event together; and thank you to all our customers who made it to the show in spite of the bad weather. Your support is very appreciated!)show
During this show we learned that our Angora goats are now considered a rare breed in Canada. So Les Belles Bouclettes is now registered and officially listed with The Rare Breeds Of Canada organization whose mission “is to make Canadians more aware of their agricultural heritage and, through education and niche marketing, involve them in endangered breeds of farm livestock and poultry.”. to learn more about the organization please Click here.

And in the barn what are our goats doing? For one thing you can see spring is close! Our Angora goats look bigger each day with their growing fleeces. Angora goatsSome of them even need a haircut before the shearing. Checkout this poor guy, his eyes are completely covered, … hard to see anything!!goat haircut
Our other goats are starting to lose their thick winter coats.goat

In the next few weeks we’ll be posting about exciting new products and patterns that we’ll be adding to our website throughout the month of March!

The first new product we’ll be listing is a small selection of high-quality beads. We’ll be including them in the knitting kits that call for beads and offering them for sale separately.beads

I’ll also be dyeing some yarns and locks as the temperatures are going to be warmer, which is really good timing because some of the new colours will be perfect with the new patterns we will be launching!

So that is what the month of February looked like on the farm!

Hope you all enjoy a lovely March and have a fabulous spring break (if you are going to be on vacation). Officially spring does begin in just over three weeks, so, Happy Spring to everyone!


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