March: what’s new on the farm!!

We know it’s truly spring because on Friday (just in time for our update) we had the first birth of 2017!!!
Isn’t she Adorable!? Our small angora-pygora baby kid! Not only is she the first kid to be born this year but since her mom is a pygora goat (that is an angora pygmy goat cross) we know the new baby will have beautiful curls just like her sisters. Mom and baby are doing well! They were in our small infirmary for 24 hours, then they went to one of our pens for mothers.
They won’t be on their own for long, another of our angora goats will be having her babies very soon. We can see her udders growing and she is quite fat, she probably is carrying twins.Next month is going to be pretty busy with all the kids being born.

Last month we left you with a photo showing the snow melting. Well, that was misleading. Old Man Winter had not said good-bye yet. As you can see in these photos we had more snow. This year spring is having quite a struggle to make winter go. For a few days, we had some warmer temperatures and then we were back into bitter cold. The geese haven’t started arriving yet, a definite sign! We still need to be patient!

We were lucky to have those warmer days. During them I took the opportunity to dye some skeins of yarn and mohair locks. Checkout the skeins freezing in the picture! It was when they were drying outside, the wind was still very chilly.

To celebrate Spring and the release of our first baby pattern I dyed the yarn in pastel colors. Aren’t they a beautiful bouquet? We are thrilled with the results and think they are the perfect colours for the new knitting pattern: the Bernina Baby jacket. Isn’t it cute?!

As soon as the temperatures go back up again (At the moment we’re still at minus 8 Celsius) , I will continue to dye more skeins. I’ll be dyeing some different yarns, and in even more colours. If you want to see them as each lot is finished check us out on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Google+) we’ll keep everyone up to date!

Another sign Spring is coming soon (for real, with warmer temperatures), we received our seeds and next week we will start planting some seeds inside to give them a head start. We will keep you informed in our gardening posts.

Of course next to the arrival of our first kid one of the biggest signs of spring will be happening at the farm on this Friday, spring shearing! All our goats will lose the locks they’ve been growing for us all winter, and be ready to enjoy spring breezes on their new freshly clipped coats. We will then be sorting those fleeces to get them to the mill, look for new yarns in the late spring and beginning of summer! (We’ll have shearing photos for you next month.)

Since we won’t be posting until the end of April we’ll wish everyone a Happy Easter (remember, we have lovely scented gifts for beautiful Easter Baskets!), and hope that April is a true month of spring for all!

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