April: what’s new on the farm!!

Spring is finally here. We can see it, feel it, smell it! The days are getting longer, the sun is warmer, the grass is starting to grow, trees are budding and putting out their leaves.
We had our 1st daffodil bloom and pretty soon there will be some tulips and irises. The birds and frogs are singing, and the geese are flying over us. Finally, it feels so good !!

We have not been able to work in the fields because they are all very wet, it rained so much! We are eager to seed our pasture with good hay! It will make a beautiful meadow! This year, we will rebuild fences and build mobile shelters (that we can move to different pastures) for our goats.
The goats are not yet outside, we have to wait for the grass to be longer. It should be good in another two weeks.

April is also the month when most of our kids are born. Now we have 12 babies (eight males and four females): it looks like it will be a year for the males. They are all from our Angora goats. I am still expecting another Angora goat to give birth within 1 to 2 weeks and then we will have the births of my other goats, about 20 more expectant goats.

Here are some photos of our little ones playing in the box with their moms.

We have 3 sets of twins and I have to say none of them are getting along really well. Each set has had some problems.

When the first set of twins was born one was so weak and thin (she couldn’t get up and walk) that we took her into the house where she had her little basket to sleep and be kept warm. We named her Eleanor. For a while she seemed to do well, she even managed to walk a bit, then unfortunately she passed away this week. It was very sad because we loved this little baby, and worked so hard trying to save her.

Then there was the second set of twins. The mother chose one little kid and wanted nothing to do with the second baby. We called him Eclair because he is fast as lightning, and that’s what Eclair means in French. He runs everywhere and is eating well. He even comes with us to help with the barn chores in the evening! Too funny.

And finally our 3rd set of twins, they were only born 2 days ago. They are fine but their mother does not want them to sleep or have any rest. I have to say that she lost a baby a few years ago and I am quite sure this is the reason why she behaves this way with all her newborns. On the first day, I had to separate her from them a few times so they were able to sleep a few hours. Then, of course, I put them back with her so they could nurse, and get to know their mother. On the 2nd day, I put all three of them with the other mothers and kids. I added new hiding places so that the kids can hide from their mother and get some sleep. I have to say it is working very well.

In other news:
We received some new skeins of our worsted super brushed yarn, Swan’s Down, and a shipment of our sport weight yarn Pauline ( available now in cones and soon in skeins on our website).

I dyed some mohair locks and Prairie Crocus yarn. I will be dyeing more of the Prairie Crocus and our new stock of Pauline. Already you have some glorious colours to use for socks or other garments that call for a fingering weight yarn. Imagine the lacy shawls and textured scarves you can make in these lovely shades!

We also still have kits in stock in a variety of gorgeous hand-dyed colours for our adoreable baby jacket.


Just a reminder, Mother’s Day is approaching fast! There is still just enough time to order gifts for the special ladies in your life!
For inspiration, checkout our special Mother’s Day page! We’ve listed various gift ideas such as sets of bath products you can customize , choosing both products and fragrances to create the perfect present for Mom. Or we have small hand-knitted accessories, as well as other small items for bath and body care. Or of course there is always a selection of our artisan goat’s milk soap.

Or why not do something different and give Mom a gift you made? Felt your own soap!
It’s a fun and easy activity for children (of any age) or for you, and it makes a wonderful handmade original gift! Or choose one of our customizable or personalized options and we’ll make her a unique scented gift.

There is still time to order!!

So please come browse our website!

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful May and change of season.

We wish all Mothers a Beautiful Mother’s Day!

And look forward to seeing you in a month!


2 thoughts on “April: what’s new on the farm!!

    • Thank you for your kind comment Deb. Yes, it was a sad day when Eleanor passed away. Well, this is how life goes!! The same day our last twins were born! Oh yes, we are so happy to finally see Spring. I hope you enjoy your Fall season 🙂


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