May: What’s new on the farm!!

The weather has continued to warm slowly, and by the middle/end of the month we finally began to see the sun and get less rain. We had so much rain that some areas of Eastern Ontario and Quebec were severely flooded. A state of emergency had to be declared in several cities and there was a lot of damage! We were extremely lucky, the farm wasn’t flooded, but as you can see on these photos the fields were soaked and the ditches full!Fortunately, everything is back in order now. The heat has arrived and nature has awakened from the long winter. See the difference in the vegetation between the beginning and the end of May? Impressive!
We were able to begin planting in our garden and our little greenhouse. We’ll be sharing more details about what we planted and how it is doing in our gardening posts. You can start to look for the first one around mid June.

Because our smart goats always find ways to escape from this old fence rebuilding it is essential!! My husband has already removed the old one completely, and we’ll install the new one in a week or 2. All the kids (our human children that is) will be home to give us a hand. Guaranteed photos for our next article.

During the month of May we did have some does give birth, but I am still waiting for about twenty more moms to have kids. They should arrive soon !! For now, we have 14 babies and only one is bottle fed (Eclair is definitely a Corona addict ) !!

Our goats have finally been able to go outside for the first time since last fall. Here is a video of them on the first day they were outside.

And a photo when they came back into the barn for the night.(They look quite exhausted don’t they? Hard work this being out in the fresh air and sunshine!)
Now that days are getting longer and warmer, the grass is growing faster. We already moved the goats into another pasture. You can see and hear how happy they are to eat the new grass !!

Now some news about our yarn!! I dyed some Prairie Crocus and Swan’s Down along with some locks. I tried different shades of yellows and pinks. Other colours will soon be available.

And we have great news!: our designer Madeleine Windsor has finished a gorgeous shawl pattern! She has called it White Arum, and it only takes one look at the beautiful lace petals edging the exceptional piece to see she has chosen the perfect name!

White Arum is made with Trillium, one of our fingering weight yarns. Isn’t it beautiful with this delicate lacy design? It looks just warm enough for late spring and Summer evenings, it will be a wonderful light accessory in early Fall; or a simply exquisite finishing touch over a wedding dress. (Or an elegant garment for any and all members of a bridal party!!) The pattern has instructions for two sizes : a smaller shawlette (this size can be made with 1 skein), this is the size you see in Madeleine’s fabulous pictures. The second size is a full sized shawl (which will require 2 skeins) . The pattern will be available shortly on our website. It will also be available as a kit with optional beads. We will send out a post announcing all the details once we have dyed Trillium in stock, … in the mean time you can always make your own lovely White Arum Shawl, using the undyed white yarn that Madeline used when creating her exceptional design.

Finally, we want to let our local readers know that we will be at the annual convention of the Association of Quebec Weavers. It will be held in Chateauguay (Quebec) next weekend. It is open to the public on Saturday June 3rd from 10 am to 5 pm or to the participants on Friday June 2nd from 3 pm to 9 pm and on June 3rd from 8 am to 5 pm. If you can stop by it would be our pleasure to meet you in person.

We hope you will enjoy a beautiful month of June and

we wish all fathers a Happy, wonderful Father’s Day!

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