June: What’s new on the farm!!

It’s already been half a year, here we are in June, the month of summer’s official start here in the northern half of the world. The time flies so fast!! In weather news, we did not have the heavy rains like we did in Spring. But we have had a lot of thunderstorms or 1-2 rainy days followed by a few sunny days. All around the world, we hear news of heat waves or drought (Europe, Asia, USA and even some parts of Russia) but not here on the farm: we had 3-4 days of high heat (around 35 degrees Celsius) but mostly it has been between 15 degrees at night and 23 degrees in the day. At least we do not suffocate.

Despite the frequent rain, we did get 10 beautiful days in a row. (These included the super hot days.) We took the opportunity to make the fence in our large pasture which is next to the field where we will sow our new hay. A big thank you to all our children: Dominique, Denis, Sophie, Fanny, son in law Elie, and boyfriend Kyle and of course without forgetting my husband Jacques for helping to build this fence in a weekend. It was real family teamwork! Even the dogs were here with us ( they were hiding in the grass to find a little cool) !! First, we found the right places for the posts.

then we set them.

and then finally nailed the fence in place. Here’s the result! Pretty Good!! Really proud of you guys!! Now the goats should not be able to escape any more!! (It had become their favourite pass time!)

Once we finished to work on the fence, ( and knowing that we had only one more day of fine weather), it was finally dry enough so we called our neighbours who are well equipped with the right machinery and asked them to come prepare the soil and sow the hay in the adjoining field. So first they tilled the earth. And then sowed the seed the next morning. Aren’t the results beautiful!?! We can already see that the plants started to grow in just 2 weeks.


And what’s new with our goats! We have 32 babies including 22 males. Really a year of males. Here are some photos of some of them: mothers and babies, brothers and sisters. Some are playing hide-and-seek. Others are really curious and need to investigate.

Some like to climb on the feeders to rest. And this one is really exhausted.

Others like staying close to their mothers.
Remember our special babies from last year?, … checkout Coeur with her twins and Cashmere and Belle with their babies!

Coeur and her twins

Cashmere and her baby

Belle and her baby

We wanted to share these videos of some of our moms and babies in the morning.

And a video of the other goats in their new pasture with the shelters that Jacques built for them.

The shelters are mobile, which is really useful since we can move them to different places very easily!

Last night, I wanted to film the fireflies but I was not able to capture them with my camera. But you can hear that there is a crowd in my small pond. Yes, we have plenty of frogs. We have the small common frogs (rainette in French) and the famous bullfrog with his big voice.

The first time I heard this sound a few years ago, I was so scared, I thought that a big unknown beast was running to hurt me. (As my excuse I have to say that I am from France where I was used to having boars in the bush!!!) What a laugh after I discovered it was only a frog! Here is a short video of one of our bullfrog singing.


Now some Les Belles Bouclettes news:
The first week-end of June was the annual convention of the Association of Quebec Weavers. It was great to meet so many of our customers in person. It was a really great show. A big thank you to all who came by and supported us. (We’re looking forward to seeing photos of the beautiful items you create with all the gorgeous yarn you took home!)

Also this month I washed all my kid mohair locks and dyed some skeins and locks in red to be ready for Canada Day. This year is very special because Canada celebrates its 150th birthday and to mark this event, we have prepared some surprises. Keep a close eye on our upcoming announcements.

And that’s it for the month of June’s updates! Hope you are all enjoying these beautiful summer days! You’ll be hearing from us again soon, but we’ll be back with your next farm update at the end of July!


2 thoughts on “June: What’s new on the farm!!

  1. What a beautiful farm you have. That was some lovely helpers working with you. When I have a project to do, all I wind up with is ugly guys that talk more than they work.
    The goats are just so lovable looking.

    Liked by 1 person

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