Welcome To The Party!!!!!

Oh Canada, One Hundred And Fifty Years!!!

Happy Birthday! WOW!!! A Century And A Half!!!!!

We’re so proud of our Home and Native Land, all it has accomplished in it’s one hundred and fifty years, both at home and internationally, and all the wonderful, thoughtful, helpful ways in which it continues to contribute to the world! Of course this is in large part thanks to the fabulous people who populate The True North strong and free! All of which does make our hearts glow with pride to be Canadian!

So here’s our special invitation to our fabulous readers to come help us to celebrate our glorious land’s milestone Birthday!!!

From far and wide all over our site we have grouped together products in our strikingly beautiful flag’s colours!

We didn’t feel that was quite enough for such an important date, so yarns and locks have been specially kettle-dyed in the maple leaf’s gorgeous red !

We have kits that will let you create items that are uniquely yours, products you can custom order, and the Canada Day Red dyed yarns and locks to use in your craft projects.

What a wonderful choice of ways to first celebrate, then commemorate our country’s special birthday!

For the whole month of July we’re offering 10% OFF sitewide! Just enter the coupon code Happy150th at checkout!

So it’s time to Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!

Wishing All our readers, Canadians everywhere, and All of Canada A very Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada!

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