July: What’s new on the farm!

Already the middle of the year has passed! In spite of, and in between all the rain and storms, we succeeded in making our hay. It’s always a pleasure to see our bales of hay in the fields. And the smell of freshly cut hay is a real treat !!For now, we have about thirty…

Isabelle’s Garden Notes: July!

In the last month we have had so much rain and sun that the plants grew, grew  and grew!! I have not yet needed to water our garden: nature does it by itself !! What a change from last year. Here is an overview of the garden. In our tub you can see the Fava…

Join The Fun, Enter To Win!

Come join us on Instagram where we’re having a contest! ! The prize? A beautiful Canada 150th BirthDay felted soap kit! Entering is easy! Click on lesbellesbouclettes and follow the three simple steps to enter!  Good Luck!

Battle of the plants (part two)

Back in March when we made our first Battle Of The Plants post, snow was still on the ground and we were working from memory. Now it’s July, the heat is here and in the humid damp weather we’ve been having many plants are madly growing! This past weekend I was finally able to take…

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!! Wishing All Canadians A very Happy Canada Day!   The following websites were the source of the photos used in our collage: https://en.wikipedia.org http://firstpeoplesofcanada.com https://commons.wikimedia.org http://www.simplywildcanada.com http://www.aboutourland.ca http://www.yukongoldminetours.com http://www.peipotato.org http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca http://www.heritage.nf.ca http://vancouver.ca http://www.tsbreview.com https://www.canadiancattlemen.ca http://cpaws.org