Isabelle’s Garden Notes: July!

In the last month we have had so much rain and sun that the plants grew, grew  and grew!! I have not yet needed to water our garden: nature does it by itself !! What a change from last year.

Here is an overview of the garden. In our tub you can see the Fava beans that are beginning to form pods. We can’t wait to start eating them. And here are some lettuces! We already have eaten our first batch of radishes and we plant to seed more this week!

We started eating some of our beans. The bean plants are growing well and so  are the onions!

The kale is ready to be picked.
Checkout our pumpkin vines, aren’t they big?! They are literally invading the garden. I regularly redirect the shoots to make them grow along the rows or outside the garden!
The zucchinis are also enjoying the regular rain. But sadly not our tomatoes ,  they are growing but if you look at the leaves you can see they started to get sick, too much rain and damp I think!
Here are also some peppers and cucumbers.
I also have another garden now where our pool used to be.  This is  a garden of herbs and perennials. I put in some flowers such as roses, classic and pink lavender and some various flowers that just look nice.

I also planted herbs like basil (too much water for him too), rosemary, parsley, mint, thyme and chives.Since my husband and some of my kids are always asking for artichokes (and so far I really failed to get them to grow here),  I decided to try again this time with some Jerusalem artichokes. They will have the flavour of artichokes and I will get some nice flowers too.

The lavender and clematis close to our house has begun to bloom, … beautiful!.

And here is a quick tour of our bushes and fruit trees.
We should soon be picking black and red currants. The pear trees are full of fruit this year! The hazel tree and Sea Buckthorn shrubs are continuing to grow. I lost one plant of Aronia but the 2 others seem to be fine!

And that is our update for this month.  We hope you are enjoying your own gardens (large or small) during these beautiful summer days!  We’ll be back in about a month with our next garden update!

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