July: What’s new on the farm!

Already the middle of the year has passed!
In spite of, and in between all the rain and storms, we succeeded in making our hay. It’s always a pleasure to see our bales of hay in the fields. And the smell of freshly cut hay is a real treat !!For now, we have about thirty balls, drying outside of the barn. The hay must be completely dry before it can be put inside.  This is important because it can get hot in the middle if it is cut too wet ( which might be the case for some of our bales this year), and it can even get hot enough to cause a fire!! It is wiser to wait a little bit longer and be safe. We turn them from time to time so that they can dry well and evenly.
Our mothers and babies were moved: All the goats are now in the large field in front of the house.
Here is an overview of the herd: about 80 head this year. It’s quite a nice herd. You can hear them answering us when we call them for their grain. These goats are so funny.

When it is too hot or too rainy (because the goats hate rain), we open a part of the barn and they can take shelter with their babies. Here are some pictures.
We made a small pen where the little ones can eat their feed without being disturb by older ones.
The kids have lots of room for their playground in this field.  These wooden logs are popular, see the large gathering, 

or hanging out at the old trailer or even on poles is great too. One of them will probably be tempted to climb the roof of the barn one of these days !! This one is already quite high!The dogs have fun hunting frogs in our little pond. They hunt in vain but at least they cool off.

Here are different pictures of our goats:
Angora goats, mothers and babies, you can see the fleece growing! One is due for a small cut around the eyes!
We have prepared a new field for the goats. The fence was well checked. We will move our adult males into another field too. Because mating time will start really soon  and I do not want babies to be born in the middle of the winter when it is very cold in the barn.
Our new field of hay is growing well. We will have at least one more cut this year! It’s good!
And that’s it for farm news!

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Wishing you a happy fun filled month of August and we’ll be back with more farm news in a month!

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