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At the beginning of the month we took a well earned holiday, so this post is shorter than usual and things are a little disorganized at the moment. We’re late with it but our garden post will also be coming out today so be sure to check it out.

We were able to make a cut of hay in our new field and we had all the bales wrapped to get some wet hay (like a silage). The weather was not good enough to make dry hay. We also put our dry hay bales in the barn. The goats will really be happy this winter.

We also began weaning our oldest kids. Here they are in their new pasture with their shelter. Today, our little Eclair will join them. We also separated our bucks from our does. The mating season has begun and we try to avoid having births during the winter.

We also just moved our mothers and kids into a new pasture. Each time this is pure joy: they eat, eat and are so happy!! Look at this short video.


We received our new hens. 6 beautiful red hens. We are really excited to have some fresh eggs soon. For now, the hens are getting used to their new coop and to being outside. At first they were confused and stunned, wondering what is this green stuff and all the space to walk about!! Just grass girls!!

A little update from our boutique Les Belles Bouclettes. As our craft show season will start soon, I have already begun dyeing more skeins and locks. I will keep you up to date with our new products and different colours.

Our new kit, To Bling Or Not To Bling is available now, and in case you missed it we posted a fabulous interview with its designer. We hope you’ll take a look at both!

That is the farm news for this month. We wish you all a beautiful end of summer and enjoy these last warm and sunny days.