Isabelle’s Garden Notes, … August!

The month of August has been good to our garden.

As you can see, everything is green! We do not lack water this year for sure !!
The most impressive are my pumpkin and zucchini plants. My pumpkin plants are even climbing the fence and we will have dozens of red pumpkins (Cinderella types) in a few weeks !!
The zucchinis are also doing well. When we came back from our week’s holiday, we got a few giant zucchinis like this one. I cut them in half, cleaned them out and froze them to make some stuffed zucchinis in the winter!
We had some tomatoes. But really, this is not a great year for them !! It’s the same thing for pears. The pears have a lot of fruit but unfortunately they are all damaged by the rain. I might make some jam when the fruit is ripe!!

Our garden of herbs and flowers also grows well. You can see the different herbs: chives, thyme, parsley, oregano.
Even the lavender has begun to bloom.
But my favorite flowers are the clematis. Aren’t they beautiful?

Sorry for the shorter posts this month. We hope you enjoyed this quick visit in our garden.
We wish you and your plants a happy end of August!

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